The Top 10 search terms for September 2008.

Here’s a list of the top 10 search terms that brought people to SEB in last month:

  1. disney dive in underwear
  2. stupid evil bastard
  3. horus jesus
  4. horus and jesus
  5. sims 2 sex
  6. americans are stupid
  8. stupidevilbastard
  9. xorg driver s3 savage
  10. angels trumpet

Some of those threads are surprisingly old and yet they continue to draw visitors, particularly the Jesus/Horus thread. This is interesting when we compare it to the top 10 search terms for the past year (I’ve only been using Google Analytics for the past year) which gives the following 10:

  1. stupid evil bastard
  2. chuck missler
  3. horus jesus
  4. sims 2 sex
  6. tony sinclair
  7. stupidevilbastard
  8. producttestpanel
  9. hacker names
  10. angels trumpet

I have no idea what this means, but it’s interesting to look at.

6 thoughts on “The Top 10 search terms for September 2008.

  1. My top three search terms:

    1.    fallacio
    2.    what is fallacio
    3.    how to give fallacio

    I knew that I’d get traffic due to people’s inability to spell naughty words, but it still surprises me. If all other inspiration fails, I could just restart the domain as an adult site wink

  2. Les, check out’s info about SEB:

    I found their list of top keywords directing traffic to your site interesting, especially the 4th item.

    Top Keywords Driving Traffic:
    1. Mccain is a bastard
    2. disney dive in underwear
    3. maliscious
    4. 2 lesbians squeezing boobs in shower
    5. Angel’s trumpets

    I’d try googling #4 and see how far down the list SEB is but I don’t think that’s a good idea at work wink

  3. what the heck is “disney dive in underwear”?

    “china porn” is still one of the biggest search terms for my blog, go figure?

  4. Hmmms, seems SEB is at second from the bottom of the first page of google results for that #4 keyword list I gave.  Points to the shower boobies (think they were for shampoo and soap?) post from a while back.

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