Sugar free Jell-o brand pudding tastes like ass.

Just sayin’ is all.

In all fairness I also must say that Jell-o brand sugar free gelatin tastes pretty good. So one out of two isn’t too shabby. Avoid the sugar free pudding and scarf down the sugar free gelatin.

11 thoughts on “Sugar free Jell-o brand pudding tastes like ass.

  1. So Les?…. It’s something I might expect from Moloch, but how do you know what ass tastes like?!? ROFL!!!!!

  2. I don’t have first hand experience, but if I were to imagine what ass tastes like I’d say that’s what Jello-brand sugar free pudding tastes like. At least the chocolate pre-packaged ones I’ve had in my lunch lately.

  3. Strictly speaking, when you eat rump roast you are eating ass.  You guys need to clean up your language. LOL

  4. Ah… so that’s how you know what ass tastes like, Moloch!  Alles klar.  So how is it?

  5. I’ve done some pretty weird things in the bedroom, but ass to mouth is definitely not one of them. And thus concludes this episode of Too Much Info on Les’s Sex Life.

  6. Going ass to mouth is just too weird for me…

    In other news, if you are feeling saucy try the Pistachio flavored pudding mix stuff. It’s da shit! A friend got me hooked after I looked at him like he just farted out of his mouth.

  7. Well, I was wondering what your point of reference was, Mr. Jenkins… Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, sir…


  8. I like mixing the sugar free jell-o with plain, unsweetened yogurt. I’ll use one box of the jell-o per 32 ounce yogurt container. It tastes pretty good.

  9. I don’t munch ass, so I guess I wouldn’t know, but if it tatse like jello then maybe I’ve been missing out.

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