Neil Gaiman reads the first chapter from “The Graveyard Book.”

I’m so looking forward to this book, but it may be some time before I can afford to buy it. How cool is it then that Harper Books and Gaiman are allowing us a sneak peek with this widget?

Additionally you can see video of Gaiman reading one chapter on each of his tour stops as he promotes the book at this website. So by following along you can enjoy the whole of the book for free as read by Gaiman himself. How frickin’ cool is that? It makes me want to buy the book that much more.

6 thoughts on “Neil Gaiman reads the first chapter from “The Graveyard Book.”

  1. I’m not usually one to listen to books on tape (miss out on the little details too easily), but if I did I wish more authors would do it themselves. Seems like you would get more out of it since they know exactly what they were going for.

  2. K, yes I know that Ann Arbor has a wonderful public library. Both Anne and Courtney take full advantage of it.

    I, however, am a terrible library patron. Part of it has to do with how I read books. It can take me months to get through one because I do most of my reading either sitting in the bathroom (very short sessions) or just prior to bed. My wife tends to go to bed either before me or at the same time as me so my time reading in bed is also very short and infrequent. I read books the same way as I listen to the radio, in very specific situations (radio is almost exclusively something I do while driving the car). 

    It’s rare that I take time to sit down with a book and read and I’m also often reading more than one book at a time. For example, at the moment I’m working on The Heathen’s Guide to World Religions, Vice: Very Naughty Things and How To Do Them, and Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Sex and Science. Basically they don’t allow you to keep a book long enough for me to actually read through it before it’s due back. I had a library card I got in Canton when we first moved in and I used it once in the entire six years I lived there.

  3. I do most of my reading either sitting in the bathroom (very short sessions)

    Just take a fist full of ex-lax, problem solved. =p

  4. Thanks for the heads-up, Les. I just finished reading American Gods a little while ago and loved it. I’ll have to grab this one too!

  5. It sure reaches out and grabs you by the throat leaving you thirsting for more.  I’m off to find a way to place it in my hands!!!

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