More Sarah Palin scary video.

SEB regular Spocko is determined to make it hard to sleep at night:

That there is some scary people.

10 thoughts on “More Sarah Palin scary video.

  1. Thanks alot Les, now I’m going to have nightmares tonight. I don’t know why these people scare me so much. For some reason I would feel better if these people were locked up. But I suppose their being in Alaska is the next best thing. How can people in this day and age still believe in witchcraft? It boggles the mind.

  2. Put our foot to the head of the enemy in the name of jesus…?  if there was a guy named jesus back then.. this was not his message.

    This election is bringing the scum to the surface in this country.

  3. Xav, I don’t wish these folks were locked up, but I do wish they were amenable to reason. At least then there’d be some hope.

  4. About 10 years ago, a woman I know applied to become a member of this particular church.  Now, she was/is an epileptic with partial complex seizures.  She went into one while riding with a couple of other church ladies, and during the fugue state (not the medically correct term) she was in, a couple of “damn”s escaped her lips.  She didn’t even remember the episode.  The pastor of the church refused her membership, asking if she wasn’t demon-possessed.

    So belief in witchcraft is hardly surprising.

    I wonder to this day what that church would have done with a person suffering Tourette’s Syndrome?


  5. I dunno Les – I could quite happily lock them all up.If these wackos didnt have the power to close the abortion clinics they’d be blowing them up.Well maybe the majority would’nt go that far but you can bet your arse they would’nt oppose such actions.
    Well – i’m starting to get the grim feeling we have at least another 8 years of useless war and hate when these clowns win again – its bound to happen.The majority of human beings are fucking morons.

  6. lurker111- as you may know, there have been several studies recently which show a connection between epilepsy and religious experiences (here are two examples).  Epileptics have often been seen as being possessed by spirits: either God or the Devil, depending on circumstance and whim.  Of course, who am I to say that God, or the Devil, don’t manifest by means of bipolar disorders?

  7. zilch – thanks for the links; found them interesting.  There’s also conjecture that Joan of Arc was an epileptic.  As to epileptics with partial complex seizures having a higher-than-normal degree of religiosity, I can only sadly say I have seen it myself.

  8. Nothing any of those nut-jobs said was very surprising or scary.  The fact that one of them has a real chance of becoming Vice President, though….. That is probably the most frightening thing I’ve had to deal with in my entire life.

    Just think if McCain bought into that BS.  Even if he gets just a little bit sick while he’s in the White House and differs to her in order to “keep things from becoming confused”

    If I was REALLY paranoid, they might get into office and then she’d be calling the shots.  It would depend on how religious McCain is.. after all, SHE’s the chosen of Alaska…. not him…

    But that’s too paranoid… I mean that’s almost like a conspiracy theory…. right? 


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