More from the John Cleese interview on American politics.

This is a longer segment of the same interview clip I posed the other day where Cleese commented on Sarah Palin as VP. This clip includes that one along with some additional material I thought was worth seeing:

John Cleese (part 2): Obama, Biden & Fox News left top repeat-x”>

Found over at AmericaBLOG.

7 thoughts on “More from the John Cleese interview on American politics.

  1. Wow

    That was my thinking…that we need to elect Obama so maybe we will stop being the laughing stock of the world…

  2. Cleese nails it when he talks about why the R’s are threatened by people who they see as smarter, more sophisticated, elegant, etc than they are.

  3. Great interview there.  He is spot on about (some) Americans fearing intelligence.  I’ve been a bit baffled about a few of my long-time friends and other contacts repeating all the lies about Obama, and my sorry conclusion about the ones that have actually seen both candidates is that they are repelled by Obama’s intelligence.

  4. People are attacking Obama over his ‘elitism’ and ‘sophistication’.  In the Mid-80s my dad took my mum on a business trip to Texas, and her comment was ‘everyone wants to be cowboys’- they all wear stetsons and boots.  It’s as if they want to buy into a myth that wasn’t true at the time (cowboy boots are designed for riding, hence the heel.  Wear them when you don’t need to you are an idiot whose feet hurt).

    Many Red states need to start living in the 21st century, not the 19th.

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