Melvin the Official SEB Cat says: GET THE HELL OFF YOUR PC AND FEED ME!

My cat has certain needs and he is quite capable of letting me know what they are:

Click to embiggen!

Though usually, like at this very moment, he’s sitting directly in front of my LCD monitor when he’s trying to exert his mental mind control on me. That often works because there’s little point in using a computer when you can’t see the screen. If I continue to ignore him, as I’m doing now, I risk him moving around the keyboard and leaning in to get his forehead as close to mine as possible so as to increase the telepathic waves he’s emitting. If that doesn’t work then he’ll gently bite my arm or hand to get my attention, meow in a particularly pathetic way (as he just did), and get right up into my face and purr as though there were no tomorrow. The truly sad part is that he’s almost never without any food and he just wants me to pet him while he’s eating.

Excuse me, I need to go give my cat the attention he demands deserves….

5 thoughts on “Melvin the Official SEB Cat says: GET THE HELL OFF YOUR PC AND FEED ME!

  1. I do miss cats: grew up with them, but can’t have them here, and the two guinea pigs are cute but not the same thing.

  2. ROFL yep.  I miss having cats…too many ppl in the family are allergic so at the moment I am left cat-less.  🙁  *sniff*

    Give him a pet for me.

  3. Mine does the same thing when I’m on the ‘puter and ignoring him. Except he howls until I pet him and scratch behind his ears. Then he jumps up into my lap. If I didn’t have a cat, I’d probably remain glued to the monitor for hours.

    Think of it as a cat’s way of reminding us we need to take a break once in a while.

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