Jobs I’m Glad I Can’t Do: The Pelvic Model.

There are people in this world who go to great lengths to give back to the community in various ways. Some are firemen who rush into burning buildings, some are policemen who patrol dangerous neighborhoods, and some are teachers of a very specialized sort that ensure our doctors know what they are doing:

I am a Pelvic Model.

More precisely, I am a Non-MD, Gynecological Instructor.  Sort of a “professional vagina,” I use my own body to teach health care professionals how to perform gentle and effective “well woman” breast and pelvic exams.   

It’s not your typical job.  Not something you tend to see advertised in the Classifieds.  Not a profession well represented on Career Day.  Type “pelvic model” into any search engine and you won’t get a lot of hits.  (Actually, you will, but they are of the “Secretary Whores” variety.)

Despite what people first think, the Naked Job, as I call it, is not sexual.  It’s not voyeuristic, it’s not freakish, and it’s definitely not glamorous.  (Admittedly, only one person ever thought it might be glamorous – and she doesn’t get out much.)

What the Naked Job is falls somewhere between “Rewarding/Giving Back” and “Well, I Guess Somebody’s Gotta Do It.”

[…] A “Gynecological Instructor” sounds odd, yes, but face it, the only other way young doctors learn how to perform pelvic exams on a live person is to learn on their patients – i.e. you.  So, besides being an exceedingly well paid gig ( it’d have to be), it’s actually rewarding in that I’m helping make pelvic exams kinder and gentler the world over and my students are always so appreciative… how many times are you hugged at your job?

It’s a fascinating read and will make you appreciate not having to undertake the job yourself, but also glad that there’s someone out there who is.

4 thoughts on “Jobs I’m Glad I Can’t Do: The Pelvic Model.

  1. This is one of those jobs I never imagined existing, but in retrospect, it’s obvious that it must exist.  Bully for her.

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