I bet she’s heard that question a lot…

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now get in the kitchin’ and make me a sammich!

2 thoughts on “I bet she’s heard that question a lot…

  1. Hmmm…guess that B.A. in journalism that took her years (and 5 colleges) to obtain and her stint as a small-market TV sports bimbo makes her uniquely qualified to shout down PhD experts in climatology, physics, meteorology, etc., on the subject of global climate change.

    She’s also viewed by many as a preeminent expert on energy, simply because a pipeline runs through her state. And an expert on foreign affairs due to her state’s proximity to Russia. 

    I’m glad she doesn’t live next to a hospital, or she would be crowing about her abilities as a surgeon.

    Human resources professionals call that “resume padding,” which is a gross understatement in Palin’s case. That sort of thing doesn’t get you hired in the private sector—why should it work in the public sector?

    The fundietards should give up on trying to convince us that she’s truly qualified, and just be honest with themselves—and us. Just admit “we prefer her dogma, despite her lack of abilities” and dispense with the smoke-and-mirrors.

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