Happy Halloween 2008 from SEB.

So are any of you dressing up today? I gave some thought to it myself as my current job is fine with the idea, but the only thing I could pull together quickly would’ve been the Renaissance garb I just wore a week ago for a wedding and I didn’t feel like wiggling into it again. We weren’t sure whether or not to pick up any candy for any potential trick-or-treaters tonight as we’re in an apartment complex once again and the last one we lived in didn’t tend to attract the kids despite the potential bonanza it offered with all the doors so close together. Perhaps the kids in Ann Arbor will be a bit braver so it’s a good thing my in-laws dropped by yesterday with some extra candy they had for us to hand out if anyone should scream outside our door.

With money being as tight as it is we’ve not really decorated the house much for the holiday. I don’t even have a proper Jack-o-lantern. It doesn’t help that a lot of the decorations are packed away in boxes from the move yet and some of those boxes are still in my in-law’s basement. We do have two Halloween themed place mats though. That’s something I can stick in the window at least. So, yeah, Halloween is a bit pathetic at our house this year. Maybe it’ll be a bit better next year.

What are you guys doing for Halloween?

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  1. Girlfriend and I decorated the house all last week and had a Halloween party Saturday night.  I wore my evil head hunter get up (black pants, cream shirt, black trench coat, skulls hanging from my belt, evil mask and bone axe and knife).  Today i’m dressed up as some weird kind of evil occultist/murderer (black acolyte outfit with big hood, blank white mask, knife).

    Spending Halloween night at my parents’ since they’ve got a boat load of kids/teens (kids that have come for 5+ years) that come to our huge set up every year.

  2. We did the costume thing at work (I’m dressed as a zombie, the bosses love it) and tonight is just a small party at a friends place.

  3. We usually dress up, but we have 2 kids this year (almost 4yr old and a 4month old) so it will just be too much trouble to get the pumpkins carved AND the kids dressed to go out.

    Maybe next year.  grin

  4. Happy Christmas!

    (It is 25 dec today, right?)

    I’ll be handing out those cute little packets of dessicant, in hopes that the recipients are too young or too eager, and eat before they read.

  5. Couldn’t log in!

    Going to pass out candy if any kids come, and watch Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann on MSNBC at 8 pm ET.  Michael will be on with Bill Maher later, but we don’t have HBO.  Also plan on eating candy   wink


  6. That’s not scary, Chief! That’s just what the Human Resources office here at my job looks like.

    That’s what I said I was for the building costume contest, “the person HR called when they decided heads must roll”.  I ended up getting second place, but the lady who got first I did mind losing to as she went all out and even had some crazy red patterned contacts (plus she was from our company as well).

    ETA: My costume changed at work, found out my weird zombie mask works really well with my outfit so now I’m definitely a zombie occultist or something like that. All I know is it looks freaky.

    Also, thanks for adding the Edit Comments feature. Love it. (But any chance you can swap the cancel and save buttons?) To submit a normal post the submit is on the left, to save an edit the Save button is on the right with a Cancel button on the left.

  7. We live in a rural area and don’t get kids, so we celebrate in a different way.  We put out pictures of family and friends who have passed on with candles and decorations.  Then we have a festive supper and reminisce about each one during the evening with a little champagne.  Its somber here with lots of rain this morning.

  8. Barry, the packets of dessicant as t/t handout sounds great.  The larger crystals are sort of like Pop Rocks when they get wet.

    I didn’t dress up.  My boss didn’t dress, but he talked about dressing as Jesus.  He has very long straight hair and a medieval robe that can be worn like a Jesus garb.  All he would need is a crown of thorns.

  9. I live in an older large condo development and there are no kids in the development.  I didn’t see any sort of Halloween decorations anywhere.  If there were any kids that went t/t, they could end up getting some unusual stuff as people scrounged around trying to find Halloween stuff to give out.  Instant oatmeal?  Strawberry yogurt?

    The old wooden playground equipment rotted away a couple of years ago.  The rotted equipment was removed, the mulch was tilled into the ground, and the area was sodded..

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