God bursts into high school gym, rips off his clothes, and claims it as His house.

Who knew the Wall Street Meltdown was impacting even the Almighty? It seems he’s been evicted as he tried to claim a gym as his home:

“I thought he was going to kill us, I thought he was going to kill us, I was scared out of my mind,” student Jordan Washington said.

Washington was just one of 100 classmates getting ready to leave gym class for lunch Monday when Ramos, who appeared angry, barged into school’s gymnasium uninvited and began taking off his clothes.

“He proceeded to rip his shirt off and then take his pants off,” Washington explained.

“At that point, this bizarre behavior—him ripping his shirt off—he was making comment of a religious nature, the teachers knew that the situation was not good,” Detective Anthony Messina of the Ewing Township Police Department said. “Comments like he was Jehovah and that this was his house.”

Police arrested him and sent him off for a psychological examination. They seem to think God is crazy. Can’t imagine why.

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