Every Trick-or-Treater’s worst nightmare.

WARNING! Do not watch the following video if you have a weak heart! It’s THAT FRIGHTENING!

OK, we’re just poking a little fun at our more… enthusiastic… Christian neighbors, but I can recall as a kid hitting a couple of houses in our neighborhood which did attempt to proselytize to us. Nothing on as creepy a scale as this though.  One was content to slip Chick Tracts into our goody bags which were promptly tossed out as soon as we got home. Though some kids didn’t wait that long judging from the pile of tracts at the end of the driveway for that house. The other would hand out apples or something else similarly wholesome and ask us if we had accepted Jesus as our savior. After the first couple of years we learned to skip those houses.

Found over at The Atheist Media Blog.

11 thoughts on “Every Trick-or-Treater’s worst nightmare.

  1. Yeah, that’s pretty disturbing… I think the most disturbing part is when the “kid” turns around and the guy closes the door and say “we’re just going to have some fun…”

  2. Yeah, that is creepy. The chick tract site is too. Preaching by people who need a cartoon to tell them their god’s policies.

    I looked thru a few of them. Reminds me of Borat….all the bad people have big hooked noses and all te proslytizers have perfectly straight noses. And I like the quotes like “and the grand dragons, nd lodge masters, and the ‘secret panel of nine’ taught to him…”

    Borat: “..yes, yes! nose bigger..and it must have horns” 
    tattooist: “horns?”
    Borat: “yes! A jew. It must be, um…realistic”

  3. That’s so scary that I’m afraid if I say anything about it, they’ll also hold me captive and attempt to brainwash me into believing in their wacky hocus-pocus nonsense.

  4. Yes, it was creepy, but I suspect it was not for real: I can’t imagine people behaving as if the camera were not there under the circumstances.  Doesn’t take away the pure horror of it, though.

  5. It definitely wasn’t real, Zilch. It was done by a comedy group though I suspect there are some folks who probably don’t find it funny.

    And on a totally unrelated note, there’s a Daily Show/Stephen Colbert ad in the Google Adsense spot on this page.

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