David Tennant will leave “Doctor Who” after the 2009 specials.

Well it’s official. David Tennant has announced and the BBC has confirmed that he will be leaving the show after the shortened 2009 season:

Outpost Gallifrey: David Tennant Leaves Doctor Who

The Guardian newspaper this evening broke the story prematurely, reporting on their website (in a report subsequently pulled down) that Tennant is “vacating the TARDIS and leaving the BBC’s Doctor Who series at the end of next year. Tennant’s decision brings to an end his popular four-year tenure as the time lord.” The article went on to say that the BBC had confirmed that the actor “would complete the filming of four special episodes to be screened this year and in early 2010, as well as 2009’s Christmas special.”

The BBC Doctor Who website has now posted the full news: “I’ve had the most brilliant, bewildering and life changing time working on Doctor Who. I have loved every day of it,” the actor says. “It would be very easy to cling on to the TARDIS console forever and I fear that if I don’t take a deep breath and make the decision to move on now, then I simply never will. … I’m still the Doctor all next year but when the time finally comes I’ll be honoured to hand on the best job in the world to the next lucky git – whoever that may be.” Tennant added that he “always thought the time to leave would be in conjunction with Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner who have been such a huge part of it all for me. Steven Moffat is the most brilliant and exciting writer, the only possible successor to Russell and it was sorely tempting to be part of his amazing new plans for the show. I will be there, glued to my TV when his stories begin in 2010.” He furthermore says that he feels “very privileged to have been part of this incredible phenomenon, and whilst I’m looking forward to new challenges I know I’ll always be very proud to be the Tenth Doctor.” Says Russell T Davies, “I’ve been lucky and honoured to work with David over the past few years – and it’s not over yet, the Tenth Doctor still has five spectacular hours left! After which, I might drop an anvil on his head. Or maybe a piano. A radioactive piano. But we’re planning the most enormous and spectacular ending, so keep watching!”

I wonder if he’ll follow in Eccleston’s footsteps and show up in some American TV series for a short while. Either way we can start speculating on who the next Who will be come 2010.

9 thoughts on “David Tennant will leave “Doctor Who” after the 2009 specials.

  1. Well, This was rumored for a while that he would announce leaving soon and the other rumor I heard with this is that Simon Pegg may be the next doctor.

  2. I read rumours about a black guy (can’t remember the name) who has been in one of the episodes.  I think they need a contrast to Ecclestone and especially Tennant- that was always the great thing about regenerations- the complete change of character.  A Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc authoritarian) or Ian McKellen in Gandalf mode (Appears old buffer, but is sharp underneath).

  3. I am pretty bummed to see there wont be a Series 5 with Tennant. I am new to Doctor Who I guess I will use this as an excuse to go back and watch all the older shows. While I wait for a new Doctor in 2010

  4. Wow,I hope you’re right LH – Stewart or McKellen would be awesome.I have liked Tennant as the Doc but much prefered Ecclestone .. found Tennant a bit .. I dunno – over enthusiastic in the role if that makes sense.He’s certainly expressive.
    And any way we can get rid of Rose’s mother from the show would please me to no end – damn I hate that woman wink

  5. Stewart or McKellen would be awesome

    but won’t happen. Stewart doing the authoritarian act would be great, but I think unpopular among a lot of audiences as it would be quite unsympathetic character.  Jean-Luc was about the only decent senior officer Starfleet had- he gave a command, and expected it to be obeyed (and he had good taste in hot drinks).  Ryker on the other hand obviously slept his way to the top (and he ruined Thunderbirds).

  6. … :’(  … but no more david tennant…

    I’m just shocked…

    That said i thought they might have done it in the cliffhanger…

    I’m not sure who could take over, its such a difficult thing to cast…

  7. I heard Robert Carlyle   of shamus( SP?) Mcbeth fame   is being considered now that would be fantastic.

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