Conversations with a Dumbass: Water Powered Car edition.

Got the following email last night for no apparent reason:

Subject: water powered car

I just have to say something here and you will most likely call it bullshit, but I know what I am saying is true. Back in 1979 a young man came to my door trying to get me to buy his plans for a carburetor that would guarantee me 400 miles to the gallon. He was going house to house in order to get enough orders to have the money to get his idea patented. I was 19 at the time and he was about 22, if I remember correctly.

I was newly married and my new husband was an abuser – he was great until our wedding day – so I was too afraid to go ahead and buy his plans. But I did get his phone number b/c I was already thinking about getting divorced and thought I would buy them after I got divorced.

Several people in our neighborhood bought his plans and a couple of them actually followed through and it really did work. But that’s not why I’m writing to you. As I said, I kept the guys number and called him about a month later to get more info. His mom answered and was very distraught. She said he had been contacted by some men who represented “a big oil company” a few days after he had applied to get his idea patented. They showed up at their house and offered the young man 5 million dollars to sell his idea. He told them he’d have to think about it and spoke to his dad about it that night. His dad told him if they were offering that much that meant the boy could get much more if he just toughed it out and got the patent himself.

That’s when he started going door to door and his dad was also trying to get a loan for him. About a week after he had been at my house he went missing. He just flat out disappeared. And interestingly, those people never tried to contact him again as far as his parents knew. He was never found.

I experienced this myself so I know it is not a made up story. I believe the oil company had the boy killed b/c he was going to cost them a lot of money if his idea ever went anywhere. The two guys in our neighborhood never let anyone else know that they had his plans b/c they were too afraid after hearing the kid went missing.

There are a great many wonderful ideas that could have benefited the entire world that never became a reality b/c someone else wanted to keep it a secret. Greed is rampant everywhere. So don’t fool yourself into thinking that all things are a scam. Some are definitely not.

Most Sincerely,

Angel Ballard

“Be open to the changes life offers you ~ then embrace them with an open heart, mind and soul.”

It’s yet another variation on the miraculous carburetor myth only this time the author claims to have first hand experience with it.  The myth has been around for decades and sometimes the myth claims this wonderful device burns water and sometimes it’s just a very efficient carburetor.  There are still people out there that claim to sell devices to run your car on water today. I wonder why they haven’t been knocked off by the Big Evil Oil Companies yet? As an added bonus that last website also includes 9/11-Was-An-Inside-Job conspiracy and Free-Energy-Plans scams to go along with the Water-Powered-Car scam.

I wasn’t sure what Angel’s intent was in sending me the email. On the face of it she appeared to just be trying to tell me that I was too skeptical, but there was also the chance that she was fishing to see if I was interested in this miracle of hers. So I sent the following reply:

    You’re right, Angel, your story is bullshit. If I had a dime for every time someone told me about a magical carburetor that got ridiculous mileage I’d be a rich man by now.

    So what’s your angle? Are you fishing to see if I’d profess an interest so you could claim to have one of these wonderful devices you’d be willing to sell me cheap? Or do you just like lying to random strangers? You’ll have to do better than that if you want any hope of keeping my interest.


It generated the following response:

Nope…no ulterior motive…you’re just a stupid, evil bastard with not one brain cell to piss on. Have a beautiful day fuckwad!

So she’s either an idiot or I didn’t take the bait. Or both. Hard to say either way.

Still, as I said in my last reply to her, it makes for a great entry in the Conversations with a Dumbass series.

18 thoughts on “Conversations with a Dumbass: Water Powered Car edition.

  1. Pwahaha thats funny.


    I love how your website isn’t and can’t really be blocked in school.  Sense Stupid Evil Bastard is a, website name, has no pornographic images.  So it can’t really be blocked.

  2. I had a grand idea,

    I take that, copy it, and reword it so it sounds like im trying to get her to buy it.

  3. Based upon my years of experience in investigating online scammers, I’d say the sender wasn’t a female, and the email was sent as part of a scam to sell the elusive plans.

    I’m sure “she” will be more than happy to appear here and tell me I’m wrong though.  LOL

  4. Dakota, I’m going to chide you for the “hoe” comment. While I agree that “Angela” is a dumbass, there’s nothing in the email to allow us to assume she’s sexually promiscuous or working as a prostitute. Even if she was I’m not sure the appellation of “hoe” would be appropriate. The word has misogynistic overtones I find disagreeable.

    ENM, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Angela is really some dude. There’s little that surprises me on the Net these days.

  5. I was newly married and my new husband was an abuser – he was great until our wedding day – so I was too afraid to go ahead and buy his plans. But I did get his phone number b/c I was already thinking about getting divorced and thought I would buy them after I got divorced.

    I’m not sure why, but I find this part of the story completely fascinating. I’m thinking this serves as a method of trying first to gain confidence by admitting to something shameful, that being married to an abuser, and second to explain that the individual was quite psychotic for tying carburetor purchases with one’s impending divorce.

  6. As long as there are people stupid enough to actually believe stories like that there will always be scammers taking advantage of them.

    Simple high school science will always prove the 100+mpg carb cannot physically work. Economy is based on power, you need fuel to make power, the more power you demand from the engine the more fuel it will consume. Economy is based on engine thermal/mechanical efficiency, vehicle weight and aerodynamics. Changing the carb will do nothing to change any of those. It wouldn’t be any different than swapping in really lean jets, no power and VERY hot combustion. Modern cars already do the exact same thing but far better with direct injection, lean burn technology and cylinder disabling.

    A car CAN get 100mpg with a carb, and such cars HAVE been made before, but the result is a sub-800lb deathtrap with a 12hp engine and a top speed of 45mph. Look up the HMV Freeway.

  7. A simple counter to the claims of various and sundry automotive gizmos that supposedly are being suppressed by “the Man” is the US Military.  If such devices existed the US Army etc. would use them and a zillion Army grease monkeys would have learned about them over the years.  No way to cover up that.

  8. Tim, you’re forgeting the Creed of the Infantryman in a Capitalist Society
    “Remember- your rifle was made by the lowest bidder”
    BigOil won’t let the US Government do anything to harm them, not even for the military.

    Water powered cars are easy to design- anyone on this Blog could do it.  There is one problem to overcome, that’s all.

  9. I think it’s OK to call her a hoe.  If she were a man, one might refer to him as a “rake.”

    -Volly, dating herself again, probably…

  10. Moloch beat me to it. My version goes like this: Don’t be so skeptical! I have a 400MPG carburetor. Of course the glow fuel is really expensive and the motor wouldn’t power a tricycle.

    My friend’s father (I know how lame that sounds. I can give you name, address and phone number.) built a “super carburetor” contraption in the 70’s from somebody’s plans. This one used the exhaust manifold heat to vaporize the gas and then ran it through a Briggs & Stratton lawnmower carb. Needless to say, you had to switch over after the motor was hot. Safe? Who cared in 1970? He messed around with it a lot, and claimed his 225 slant 6 van got 40+ MPG so long as the highway was level. The thing wouldn’t do hills, and never attained the advertized 100 MPG.

  11. He messed around with it a lot, and claimed his 225 slant 6 van got 40+ MPG so long as the highway was level. The thing wouldn’t do hills, and never attained the advertised 100 MPG.

    I bet the valves were shot after a few hundred miles of that and the exhaust was glowing red hot the whole time.

  12. “Water powered cars are easy to design- anyone on this Blog could do it.  There is one problem to overcome, that’s all.”

    The Law of Conservation of Energy?  While you’re at it, let’s go ahead and throw out the 2nd law of thermodynamics and build a perpetual motion machine.

  13. Water powered cars are not myth. Hydrogen on demand technology is in its infancy. There are crackpots out there like Ozzie preying on peoples pocket books and selling crap. No doubt about it. The person you want to find and talk to is Bob Boyce. You can find him on the hydroxy group on yahoo. That is the only way I know of to reach him. Or you can send me an address and I can post it on the group. He may talk to you who knows. There are so many people experimenting with hydrogen on demand its nuts to decipher what it true and what is not. Talk to Bob or you can pvt me for another guy that goes by Smack. This is the guy who created the Smack Hydrogen booster. This hydrogen on demand is very real. It works but more over it reduces vehicle emissions upwards of 40% beyond factory specs.. It is just a matter of time before some one finally makes a real working total hydrogen on demand powered vehicle. AGAIN this HODG is in research and development. Any one tries to sell you some thing that they claim will save you tons of money.. The old adage applies. If it sounds too good to be true…. Good to see you again bastard.. I thought they threw you in one of them internment camps after the picture taking fiasco!..

  14. The legendary carb the boy was trying to sell is the Pogue design…. I think he came up with that in 1918?… There have been allot of high mileage carbs designed and suppressed by you guess it.. BIG OIL… Want proof they tamper? My 92 Buick gets 30 mpg at 80 mph.. better at 75 and even better at 65.. And todays car brags 25- 28 mpg? I have a friend with a 68 Corvair.. it gets 28 mpg…. we should be getting 100 mpg now.. OFF THE LOT STOCK!.. But Big oil keeps that suppressed.. but that is no secret.

  15. Bullshit, 100% of that.

    1 gallon of gasoline contains 115,000 Btu. No magic carburetor or “hydrogen generator” can alter that simple fact.

    That Corvair may have gotten 28mpg but it weighs 2500lbs and has only 80hp.
    A 2009 Toyota Corolla is 200lbs heavier and has TWICE the horsepower yet it gets the same economy. Why?

    Cars only need a certain amount of power to overcome the friction of going through the air. Both the Corvair and Corolla require about 15hp to maintain 60mph on flat ground. Since gas only has 115,000Btu per gallon both engines must burn a specific amount of fuel to get that 15hp.

    Thats why there was and is no such thing as a “100mpg carb”. 100mpg is possible with a carb in a car but it wouldn’t supply enough fuel to make power to go faster than 20mph.

    The idea of “Big Oil” suppressing progress is a big, steaming pile of shit thought up by paranoid hippies.

    If there was a “secret” so well known and it actually worked then it would be impossible to prevent it from spreading in the public. There would be hundreds of thousands of “backyard mechanics” driving 100mpg cars, talking about it to people and showing people how its possible with scientific-quality documentation to back up their claims.

    So far, its just blowjobs like Dusty Lions claiming to “know” the “secret” and all they can provide is hearsay.

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