Conversations with a Dumbass: Angel is now a psychic. Predicts my death.

So I heard from my new friend again. She’s decided to take a new tact:

Glad to be of assistance. Someone needs to get your sorry ass through a day…considering you are much too inept to make it on your own. Only the most pathetic losers with no lives have blogs where they spend their entire day shitting on those who actually make something of their lives.
But please, by all means, fuck my memory straight in the ass b/c you can’t hurt me. I’m completely impervious to your ranting. However, I hope you will note this and it doesn’t even matter if you remember it, b/c when it happens, you will have full recall and that is all the gratification I need.
Some time down the road, in the not too distant future, my dear non-friend, you will be diagnosed with a terminal illness that will have no chance of recovery. You will find out that you have it when you go to the doctor after being sick for a very long time. It will start out as a cold and just never go away. After dealing with it for months you will notice you have lost a significant amount of weight and can’t hold down food. You’ll be shitting your brains out and puking your guts up. Wonderful description, eh? Sick of it all you will finally go to the doc and be told your diagnosis. Oh well…poor Les.
You will eventually, after a very long time of being miserably sick, die a rotting mess of a corpse. And very few, if any, will mourn your passing. This is not a voodoo curse. Laugh all you want, but I promise you it will happen exactly that way. And your atheist ass will be wondering as you lay in your bed waiting to die…“How could that bitch be so right?!” Well, Les, I have a secret to tell you…I’m able to see the future sometimes. And I saw yours before I ever knew what an asshole you were. Sometimes I get a payback when I don’t even realize that one is deserved!
So, in a few years, when you’ve long forgotten my sweet little ass, you will suddenly remember me as you wait to die. And I will also have a sudden memory of your sorry ass and I’ll be grinning ear to ear when you take your last croak of a breath!
Paybacks are a bitch, but, hey, somebody needs to have something good come from this life.

Be seeing ya around, bud!  wink

I didn’t bother to clean up her formatting this time. As far as psychic predictions go this one is pretty weak. Here’s my reply:

    What? You can’t even manage to name what horrible disease will be my undoing? Surely you can do better than that. I’d expect you’d at least be able to give a reasonable time frame rather than the astoundingly vague “sometime down the road, in the not too distant future” but “in a few years after I’ve forgotten you.” No word on what hospital it’ll be? No word on what state I’m living in at the time? Some psychic you are.

    For the record I have little doubt that I’ll die within the next 40 years. Cancer runs in my family and few of us make it through our 70’s. It’s not anything I worry about as it’s knowledge I’ve lived with for a long time. Already I’ve made a better prediction than you have. But you go ahead and dream your little fantasy if it makes you feel better. This email just adds more fuel to the blog. At least you didn’t say you were going to pray for me like so many others. That at least makes you a refreshing change of pace.


40 thoughts on “Conversations with a Dumbass: Angel is now a psychic. Predicts my death.

  1. i musta missed the first go round you had with that person. god damn, what a freak. i mean, holy jesus, could it be any worse? mary, mother of god, what a weirdo. … ok, im done.

  2. Only the most pathetic losers with no lives have blogs where they spend their entire day shitting on those who actually make something of their lives.

    I wonder what that says about those who just randomly send stupid emails to the blog’s owner…

    That person is seriously maladjusted…

  3. I see that “she” has moved on to the “mess with your mind” scam, which as usual followed two “you’re full of shit” responses from the intended mark. 

    In it, Les’s new psychic friend wrote: “Wonderful description, eh?”

    Actually, it sucked to the point of laughability.  But hey, thanks for playing.

  4. Oh dear God, great Jesus, son of Mary, wife of Joseph, sweet Joseph, husband of Mary but not father of sweet Jesus, oh, sweet Jesus, Mary, mother of Jesus, wife of Joseph, father to Mary, well- Wait. Mary, wife uh… Oh, hold on.

    What a dumbass

  5. It gets better with her latest reply. I’m just waiting to see how she replies to my latest before I bother posting it.

  6. You get the crazyest of the crazys. What is the current total of death threats now Les. Sometimes I fear for you then I remember you are a large scary looking man with a beard. Rip her a new asshole as you do so well.

  7. Look at the upside, Les.  Angel says you’re going to die of this horrible nameless disease “in a few years”.  That means you’ve got at least two years to do anything you want– rob banks, jump from helicopters, counsel suicide bombers- and nothing can happen to you.

  8. well that’s just not nice.

    i’m glad you are having fun with people who do that to you, but it sure would be groovy if they learned some polite manners.

  9. LOL elwed!  But I’m not convinced that you can draw a line between people who drink their own Kool-Aid, and those who don’t.  Did L. Ron Hubbard drink his own Kool-Aid?  Does O.J. Simpson?  Did Jesus drink His Own Kool-Aid?  Does God?  Hard to say.

  10. Just because there’s a line doesn’t mean you can tell where an individual stands wink

    Hubbard was a scammer. I don’t know enough about O.J. to voice an opinion and you’d have to show that Jesus existed in the first place… Same for that god fellow.

    I don’t believe this Angel person is a scammer, though. Or if so, it’s scammer with poor impulse control.

  11. I would say that some people straddle the line.  If you are confused enough, as O.J. seems to be, and as Hubbard reportedly was towards the end of his life, zonked out on uppers, then it’s bootless to assign you to one camp or the other: they overlap.  Same goes for many evangelists.  Check out the classic film Marjoe– there you will see scamming superimposed on TrueBelieving.  Doesn’t make it any nicer.

  12. A lot of scammers have very poor impulse control.  Usually, they are True Believers in the scam du jour.  Chances are excellent that someone promoting water-as-fuel falls into that category.

    I would refer you to my old blog and Canadian scammer Jim Norman, my 2005 “Frickin’ ‘Tard of the Year”, currently under U.S. federal indictment for wire fraud after scamming his marks out of at least $10 million. 

    One of his “facilitators” became involved in a scam similar to this one after she got tired of being subjected to his neverending abuse. 

    Her newer scam promoted a pill which allegedly increased gasoline mileage to impossible levels.  And yes, she actually believed it worked, just as she had actually believed that a guy who lives above a fish market in Toronto has $156 million in a Swiss bank, and that those who “loaned” him money to pay all the fees and costs to get the money released would be repaid in two weeks at 760% interest.  She even gave him some of her own money, while helping to rip off others.

  13. As it turns out Angel is a real person and she is definitely a True Believer™, though less of a Christian one as much as a New-Agey-Jesus-Is-Cool one. I did some digging and managed to turn up all manner of interesting info including where she lives, how big a house she owns, how much she bought it for, how many pets she has, what musical instrument she’s trying to teach herself to play, and a whole host of other very interesting info. I sent it all to her in an email to show that I, too, can pretend to be psychic.

    The next couple of emails she sent were very interesting indeed, but I don’t know if I’ll post them. I’m feeling a bit sympathetic for the woman.

  14. I’m feeling a bit sympathetic for the woman.

    Understandable and commendable, Les.  Just don’t send her any money.

    An advance fee scam combined with a pyramid scheme. Almost like the U.S. economy, eh.

    Sigh.  Time for those ol’ Bullfrog Blues again: laughin’ just to keep from cryin’.

  15. This reminded me to post about an abusive scammer who had targeted a disabled lady, and had her scared half to death.  The scammer in question pretended to be with the FBI and threatened to have her arrested; he was threatening her with charges of terrorism, drug trafficking, and money laundering if she didn’t send them money.  Sickening.

    It’s very hard for me to have any sympathy at all for scammers, even if they are drinking their own Kool-Aid.

  16. I too think it is commendable that Les feels sympathy for this woman.  I lost any sympathy I might have had for her as soon as she sent this latest missive, trying to scare Les with her spooky voodoo psychic crap, though.

  17. ENM- I should be old and wise enough to not be surprised that there are people like this, but the depths to which some will sink are a continual source of amazement to me.  What good will money do for a person who cannot have any feeling of self-worth?

  18. I would like Les to post them. Sympathy is commendable but how can we judge sympathy when we don’t know what is causing Les’. As for right now I have little sympathy for her due to her crazy phsic threatening email.

  19. Nah, usually with creepy “you’re going to die” New Age sorts it’s all sort of a projection of their innate sense of douchebaggery.

    It’s the reason they’re even the slightest bit sympathetic, since if they were Christian douchebags the’d have plenty of people patting their asses and agreeing with them all the time. Those guys make you worry that they’ll have enticed other Christian douchebags to make sure you’ll die.

    New Agers though? They can’t get their act together for a proper lynching, so the worst you get is some sort of “spell” being cast on you like a bad parody of a Jack Chic tract on roleplaying games.

    Anyways, if she were a good person she’d be a rationalist and if she were a worse person she’d have some sort of church or temple with friends. Since she neither has friends or is rational she’s threatening Les on the internet. You either blow people like that off or report them to the police. I guess Les isn’t afraid of the woman throwing crystals at his head or stalking him, so why not move on?

  20. She’s harmless, but in need of serious counseling. I’m not worried that she’s likely to try anything simply because A) she lives too far away and B) I know her name and address should there be any problems.

    I wrote her a very lengthy reply last night to try and point out to her how hypocritical she was being. She keeps saying I’m hateful and bitter and angry so I pointed out to her that in all the emails we’ve exchanged I’ve called her a single epithet, dumbass, and I did that indirectly whereas she’s called me all manner of names and gloated over my supposed impending doom. I asked her how she can claim I’m the angry bitter one in light of those facts.

    Her latest reply, which I just read, makes it clear she doesn’t get it. Again I’m tempted to post the last two emails simply because they’re so interesting, but I’m reluctant to because apparently some folks who read SEB have started sending her emails. We don’t need to be doing that. She’s pretty rattled already by the ones I’ve exchanged with her so if any of you are sending her emails please stop now.

  21. I’ll second what Les said in the last paragraph. I’m always up for an argument, but if this woman has a reality built on quicksand, emails are just going to screw her around when she doesn’t need it.

  22. I agree with Les and Last Hussar with regard to contacting her.  It simply serves no purpose, as Les is clearly quite capable of handling the problem himself.

  23. Why does anyone WANT to have conversations with morons? Especially New Age morons? Leave her to her cats and crystals and tinfoil hats. She’s punishing herself more thoroughly than anyone here is likely to.

  24. Because the crystal gazers are more fun to give facts to.  Religeous people have a complex set of often cross-supporting ‘stuff’, and rarely claim it’s science.  The fundies have the ultimate get out clause- ‘its all magic’ (effectively) so we can’t disprove it all, and the reasonable ones (of which a couple of regulars here are) are comfortable with the discrepancies, and use the texts as a ‘how to be nice’ set of guidelines rather than paeleontolical fact.

    New Agers on the other hand have actual SCIENCE, and are playing at our stadium.  They walk into the middle of Lords, and then get confused when there is no 3rd base.

    You get to ask all sorts of fun questions like “If this concentrates the energies, how do we measure that energy?” and “Do you know what a double blind test is?”

  25. First of all, love her name: “Angel.” Obviously ironic. However, I think her email username “solitaire” is more apt.

    Further ironic is that, in a blog posting, Solitaire777 alleges to be a licensed nurse and “spiritual healer.” Lots of spiritual healing in that scathing message to you. smile

    But what really strikes me the most about her vitriolic diatribe against you is the fact that you were worth her time to write all that in the first place. Obviously something you said had a profound impact on her. For whatever reason, you got to her, you got under her skin, and that will always remain more damaging to her than anything she could possibly throw at you. She chose to attack you, not vice-versa. She lost her battle the moment she hit “send.”

  26. The fact that I am male, she’s a self-admitted misandrist, and that I’m a skeptic was all it took. Apparently she wasn’t responding to anything she had seen on SEB, but from a comment I had left on another site where I must have expressed a skeptical viewpoint. She has never identified exactly what it was I said that bothered her.

    Anyway, I sent off one final reply this morning. Here’s what it said:

      What a shame. It appears you’re among those 90% of people that I get emails from which I refer to as reality immune. I had thought for a moment that perhaps you were among the rare 10% who are able to see that they are engaging in the very behaviors they claim to despise, but this latest reply confirms that is not the case.

      I will make this my last reply as there is nothing further to be gained from correspondence with you. Allow me to say, with true sincerity, that I hope you manage to someday find that inner peace you are so clearly desperately trying to find. I seriously doubt you will ever find it amongst the warm and fuzzy everybody-is-a-part-of-God self-help books you’ve been reading nor will you find it so long as you allow yourself to so reflexively hate over 50% of the human population, but I hope you manage to find it somehow someday just the same. Again I would recommend you try to find a good counselor to work your issues out with. Just as there are some nurses who are only doing the job because it pays the bills there are also some counselors who do the same, but just as there are good people, such as yourself, who engage in nursing with a heartfelt intent to help those in need you will find, if you look long enough, that there are counselors who are the same.

      For my part I don’t think you’re a bad person nor do I dislike you. If anything I have a great deal of sympathy for you. I think with some effort and inner reflection you will manage to know yourself and be content someday. That’s my prediction for you.

      Good luck and good health.


      Les Jenkins

    I won’t be replying to any further emails she sends.

  27. She’s a one-person freakshow and it’s been…er…amusing to watch. No sense in wasting your keystrokes on her. You can’t argue with a psycho, though I must say your responses were nicely done. You took the high road.

  28. With some people all you can do is nod and say, “Uh huh…”

    31% of Americans believe they are under threat by witches

    Poll by Harris Interactive, April 08, Quoted on “8 out of 10 Cats” panel show.

    That’s not just ‘some people’

  29. I think I might have crossed trails with this one before. Solitare777 sounds familiar. I never write though, takes too much energy. You didn’t ask the question I would have asked.

    “If you’re psychic, for the love of Mike, tell me! What will I be wearing at the funeral? My double-breasted suit make me look fat, and if they’re gonna stick me in that, I’m gonna change my will. TELL ME! Will I look all right? For a dead guy, I mean.”

  30. So, is it completely insensitive then to suggest we start an SEB pool?

    And, by the way, Les,  we aren’t all without balls. We just think you’re ALL full of shit. wink

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