Bill Maher on “The Daily Show.”

Bill Maher was on The Daily Show to promote his new movie Religulous:

Good stuff. I want to see the movie once it hits theaters, but may have to wait for it to hit DVD.

4 thoughts on “Bill Maher on “The Daily Show.”

  1. I watched this last night with my rooomate, who is also an atheist but doesn’t “follow” atheism news like I do. He was on the verge of applause throughout the interview and said something like, “He need to take this show on the road…” not realizing yet that he was promoting a movie about just that.

  2. Saw the movie last night. I thought it was pretty damn funny, but got a little depressing at the end.

  3. From that same episode I loved Jon Stuart’s rant:

    Whatchu talkin’ ‘bout? Congress is out, the President is impotent—folks! This is a rudder-less ship! The pilot just ejected and we’re all still in the plane, it’s lord of the flies down here! You know what, somebody give me the conk! Where’s the—ah! [holds up a conk shell] all right, listen up, everybody! I got the conk! Listen up! Listen up, Congress. Get the fuck back to work! For the Jewish holiday, for god’s sake, how many Jews are even in Congress? Wall’s open. I guarantee ya they’ve got more Jews on Wall Street than in congress! I’m here! The Daily Show—The Daily Show’s on. I’ll guarantee ya we’ve got more Jews at The Daily Show than in Congress! So get back to saving the economy! And if you have to do it without Feingold and Lieberman—so be it. Hey, how ‘bout this? The congressional delegations for Florida and New York can sleep in. how ‘bout that? I mean, seriously, Utah? You’re not coming in for Rosh Hashanah? Wyoming? My rabbi doesn’t even have the balls to take due days for Rosh Hashanah. [pause] for fuck’s sake. And I really hope when you get back, you buckle down. ‘cause before you turn around, it’ll be Boxing Day and then Kwanzaa, and we’ll never get anything done!

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