The Horror of “Honor” Killings

Chalk another one up for that tried-and-true combination of religious fundamentalism and unchecked male aggression. Five Pakistani women, three of them teenagers, were shot and buried alive in rural Pakistan over the unspeakable horror of wanting to choose their own husbands. Naturally, it was relatives that kidnapped and killed them, but when they were arrested, the local Congress-imam said he’d be happy to defend them as shining examples of centuries of religious tradition.

Old story, new level of revulsion. Honor your sisters, gentlemen, with a moment of silence, then find someplace to speak up over it.

Link here: Pakistan arrests 3 relatives in honor killings

6 thoughts on “The Horror of “Honor” Killings

  1. The one ray of hope- not for the victims, but for women in Pakistan- is that there were protests against the killings, and against the declaration of one lawmaker who said: “These are centuries-old traditions and I will continue to defend them.” Not that I am holding my breath for a quick end to this kind of stupid religiously-inspired brutality.  I guess we in the West can count our blessings (the Enlightenment, for instance) that we don’t live under the Koran- or the Old Testament.

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