“The Daily Show” on Sarah Palin’s speech.

Once again, Jon Stewart nails it:

Oh, and big time bonus points to Samantha Bee for this segment:

12 thoughts on ““The Daily Show” on Sarah Palin’s speech.

  1. I can’t see them…that is so weird…I noticed on some other sites I couldn’t view embedded content either…hmmm…time to troubleshoot!

  2. I’m highly disturbed by the political climate in USA and developments in similar direction in Europe. The Republican party is bordering on fascism, if it hasn’t exceeded the line already. This is evidenced by their complete disregard for facts, substituting them with propaganda instead at every turn, blaming the ‘enemy’ for everything, including their own failings and the overall them-vs-us mentality coupled with religious pandering. Equally worrying was Palin’s open admission that she believes that Iran’s oil doesn’t actually belong to the iranians.

    Personally I feel that if Obama doesn’t get elected, the future prospects of the whole planet will look quite grim.

  3. My favorite response to the whole sneer at “community organizers” is “Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor.”

    You know, I don’t really like democrats.  But I really, really don’t like republicans.  I guess since God forgives them they can lie about limited government (and everything else) all they want.

  4. My favorite response to the whole sneer at “community organizers” is “Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor.”

    That is very clever.

  5. Awesome… smile  Nail…. head… bam.  This is why I watch that show.

    The only thing amazing about this is that the conservatives don’t see their problem(s).

  6. I totally I agree with you man.  I fuckin can’t believe how easly stupid people are pursuded…are we living in an eposide of The Simpsons.  I am disgusted with the republicans false statements.  The dems have to start attacking that bitch…and that women VP as well.  Attacks work.  Attacks work.  Look how pumped everybody got when Obama attacked that dim witted old stiff ass Mcbush.

    I say fight fire with fire in the case or else the dems will politely and meekishly go home.

    The republican’ts are already accusing Dems of being dirty anyway so why not open up the arsenal and let them have it.

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