Testing new version of Defensio.

[Update:] The module is still marking some legit comments as spam and moderating them, but it currently doesn’t tell you that your comment has been moderated. I’ve requested that they add that to it so folks won’t think their comments are just being dropped. I’ve also requested that they add an option to have it ignore comments from registered members. If they add that it’ll really make it stand out over Akismet. This is just to let you know that if you don’t immediately see your comment that it’s probably been moderated. I’m hoping the filter will settle down in a day or so and start being a bit more accurate.

——Original post follows——

After some bug fixes I’ve updated and re-enabled the EE Defensio module. And I remember to put the API key back in when I did so. As always let me know if anything seems out of whack.

That is all.

11 thoughts on “Testing new version of Defensio.

  1. I have made good experiences with Akismet on my blog, but then, I probably get only a tiny fraction of the spam you must get…

  2. Spam varies by the day around here. Some days we’ll get upwards of 10 or 15 spam attempts and other days we’re lucky to see two. Referrer spam is near constant, but as I don’t display my referrer log that’s less of an issue.

    Akismet works alright, it captures about 80% of the spam that comes through. I have no major complaints about it, but I’m always willing to lend a hand with beta testing stuff for ExpressionEngine and anyone who’s joining the anti-spam fight is worth helping out in my book. So when I saw they were looking for help with a Defensio module I figured I’d see what I could do.

  3. I’ve noticed the duplicate notifications as well. I’ll ask Justin to take a look at it.

    And, yes, it’ll be a few comments before Defensio stops grabbing your comments as spam as it works through the updates.

  4. That is odd. Though your other three comments escaped into the ether because I screwed up. Marked them to open them, but forgot to change it from delete to open and ended up crunching them. Grrr.

  5. LH- you do know, don’t you, that “programme” is a result of the 19th century affectation of Frenchifying words in English, and that the word was originally “program” in British English as well?  I learned that from your countryman Richard Dawkins.

  6. LH- but it should be “program” in modern English too, by everything that is right and just.  That is, unless you want to capitulate to the frogs.  Again.  Are you going to believe me, or fifty million limeys? LOL

    And I do most often say “herb” with the “h”.  Of course, that’s because I live in Vienna, and herb (with the h) is German for “bitter” or “harsh”.

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