T-Mobile about to unveil new phone based on Google’s Android.

If you’re at all curious what a cellphone based on Google’s Android platform would be like then you may want to check out the live streaming T-Mobile G1 with Google Press Conference that’s due to start in a few minutes at 10:30AM EST. This is the first phone based on Google’s mobile OS and there’s been lots of speculation on how big an impact it’ll make in the market.

If you miss the live feed you’ll be able to pull the video up on demand shortly afterwards at the same site. Just thought some of you would be interested in checking it out.

2 thoughts on “T-Mobile about to unveil new phone based on Google’s Android.

  1. Missed the conference but I have seen plenty about the phone and the OS in the past few days. Android looks pretty friggin sweet and I can’t wait to get my eyes and hands on it. I think once I get Ubuntu installed again I will install Android in Ubuntu and play with it there.

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