“Spore” gets a shitload of 1 star ratings due to DRM.

Out of the (currently) 230 reviews for Spore at Amazon.com some 199 of them are 1 star and the comments make it clear this is due entirely to the SecuROM DRM. Some of the comments include insights such as:

This type of DRM with not stand, man

Do not treat your customers as “Criminals First”. The DRM has already been cracked and is online anyway, so what was the point, seriously? The only people who are being punished is those of us who actually pay for quality games.

NO DRM! – Jason C. Roskam

A sentiment I agree with completely.

DRM is a no go

Their DRM copy protection is outrageous. Limiting to 3 installs for a full price PC game is not going to cut it. They are inconveniencing their customers for a game many have anticipated for many years. To prove the folly of gimping their official disc, I think I’ll pass for now. My pirated copy will keep me busy in the interim.


You’d think someone at EA would take note of the fact that their DRM has actually driven at least one person to the pirated game, but chances are they’ll just use it as an excuse for why they need DRM.

Personally I’m torn once again. I really was looking forward to this game as was everyone in my family to the extent that we were seriously considering buying three copies at some point because we’re all going to want to play it at the same time. That’d be a total of $150 from one household alone, but the presence of SecuROM and the three install limit bugs the shit out of me. I’ve only played a small amount of Bioshock because I refused to buy it for the PC due to the SecuROM and was limited to trying it at a friend’s house. It’s finally coming out for the PS3, but I don’t tend to care for playing FPS games on a console (much prefer keyboard and mouse) so Ken Levine will probably never see a dime from me for his excellent game. Now I’m seriously thinking I won’t be buying Spore either because of the DRM and that’s seriously disappointing. I doubt EA will get the message as it’ll probably still sell well enough for them to consider it a success, but badly enough that they can jump up and down about the problem of piracy. For legit customers it’s a no-win situation.

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11 thoughts on ““Spore” gets a shitload of 1 star ratings due to DRM.

  1. One major problem with Spore for the PC is more of the Activation Limit, the same problem that plagued Bioshock for the PC(And Mass Effect to a lesser degree).  You can only install a game a number of times on the PC before you have to contact the providers to give you a new one.

  2. I’m fairly certain that activation limit is removed when you actually uninstall the game. That is, you could install the game on a maximum of three computers (your laptop, your PC, and your work computer I guess) and associate the license with a single EA account. We’ll see though, since I’ve already done two installs and a single uninstall already with no problems.

    I think most of the problem for most people is that EA (and the hacking community) hasn’t done a very good job of educating the public on what SecuRom does and does not do, why and how, so far. That’s partly a security issue I’m sure, but it opens the door for more speculation than even Sarah Palin’s VP nomination.

  3. What’s even better (from my point of view) is that the 1-star ratings are not the result of some organized campaign, but plain and simple consumer backlash.

  4. Only 3 installs eh?  Guess I can’t go install it on my gf’s PC, her laptop and my PC then eh? That’s what we did with a single purchase of the Creature Creator without issue. 

    I forgot about the DRM issue with the actual game. I guess I’ll let her install it on her laptop and/or PC if she wants and I’ll have to go with something else.  Heck, I don’t have a DVD-Rom drive on my main PC anyways.

  5. Yes, FPS is significantly better with keyboard and Mouse.  My boys play on the game console constantly but I don’t like the “feel” and “sensitivity” or lack thereof, of the controller for FPS games.

  6. How sad is it that I had previously decided I would not pirate this game and actually spend the full price, simply because of how cool it all seemed especially the sporepedia thing, but now am seriously considering it.

    I not only have two computers, but one gets reimaged about once every few months… I don’t really feel like buying a new game every few months.

    Such a disappointment.

    And you really do need to play bioshock… at least rent it or something, the story does wonders for your brain.

  7. ATM 1,365 reviews. 1,274 one star.

    keep up the good work people. I doubt EA will get the message, but it is the only way we know how to send it!!!

    They have tried to screwed me for the last time!!

  8. And not to be a party pooper or anything… but the game isn’t as good as the hype. It seems very very dumbed down. As if they were going for a younger audience with it.

    It is pretty much 5 minigames for $50. The first being comparable to a flash game you’d find online for free and the tribal and civ stages being the most watered down rts you could possibly have.

    But the character creation phase is still awesome.

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