So I didn’t get a Mac today after all.

I forgot that I’m dealing with Crazy Young College people and by the time I got to the school the line was already longer than the number of computers – PC and Mac combined – they were selling. So I said to hell with it and went to work. Though I almost got one because when I first showed up I didn’t see the crazy line and walked right up to the counter where the helpful lady started to take my request until someone else pointed out that I had just walked up and had not been in the actual line. It was completely unintentional though I admit I thought it was odd the crowd was so small when I walked up. I just figured I was lucky.

Anyway on the way out the door I spoke with a building maintenance guy who was walking by and said I wasn’t motivated enough to get up earlier to join the line. He said that the line had started forming around 3AM because when he got there at 4AM to open the building there were already a bunch of people waiting. That’s when I realized I had forgotten I was dealing with crazy young college people. I would’ve liked to have had a Mac to play around with, but not enough to go get in line at three in the morning. So those of you hoping this would result in my conversion to the Cult of Mac, well, maybe next time.

9 thoughts on “So I didn’t get a Mac today after all.

  1. Hey, I’m a Mac owner, and I don’t even have a car at all!  Is that good or bad or what?

    Another question: I’ve been offered a year and a half old laptop, an IBM T43, for €150.  Is that a good deal?

  2. I think that works out to about $220?  Yeah, I’d pay that for a T43 in good shape.  It’s an extraordinarily well-made machine.

    Our circus director uses a T42, travels all over the nation with the collegiate circus.  A rough life to be sure but the only time it developed any problems was when he spilled beer on it.  One of the keys sticks a little.

  3. …someone else pointed out that I had just walked up and had not been in the actual line.

    And they did this by swearing at you and tackling you to the ground, right?

  4. Thanks, dof.  I have been impressed by the workmanship of the IBM machines I’ve seen so far over the years.

    It comes without an OS, and I’d like to try out some flavor of Linux.  What would you recommend?  I would probably use it for pretty simple stuff- just text programs and showing off photos.

  5. Friend of mine uses Ubuntu on his Thinkpad, loves it.  But he’s a Linux geek extraordinaire so possibly he skims over problems.  Les has had not such wonderful luck.

    Probably boils down to driver compatibility.  I am very much enjoying Ubuntu on my desktop machine at home.  I would say you need 1gb of ram (cheap upgrade part) and turn off the fancy display tricks.

    Here’s an article I just found:
    The author installed Ubuntu 6.06 on his X43 and was really pleased.  The current version, that I use, is 8.04.

  6. Thanks for the info, dof.  SEB- my one-stop shopping center for all I need to know about the news, the world, and what I should be doing with my life.

  7. All I needed to know about life I learned in kindergarten. For everything else, I come to SEB. Thanks, DOF.

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