Kudos to Criterion Games for “Burnout Paradise” free updates.

Yes I’m writing about video games again because the news about the economy (Wall Street went to hell on Sunday) and the upcoming presidential elections (McCain/Palin are polling well) makes me reluctant to deal with reality at the moment. I thought I’d write something positive about something fun and that brings me to the folks at Criterion Games who are responsible for the very excellent Burnout Paradise.

Despite not being a huge racing game fan I bought Burnout 3 for the PS2 back in the day and fell in love with it for its over-the-top crashes which were part of the strategy in the game. I bought Burnout Paradise with birthday money after it was re-released as a PS3 Classic for $30 and it is an amazing update for the next-gen systems and has provided me with many hours of car smashing fun already. If that isn’t enough reason alone to buy it if you haven’t already then the fact that Criterion are about to release a third FREE update to the game should be. There’s already been two updates that added all sorts of stuff to the game and the third, due to be released this Thursday, adds motorcycles for the first time in the history of the franchise along with a bunch of other cool additions:

I was worried when the PS3 and Xbox 360 came out with their ability to download additional content that game companies would end up nickel and dime-ing us to death and, in some cases, that’s just what they’ve tried to do. That just makes the fact that Criterion is updating BP with major content at no charge some 10 months after its release all the more praise worthy. It’s a great game to begin with and the updates have only made it better. I’m sure at some point they’ll stop putting out free updates and move on to a new game, but word has it there’s a couple more updates yet to come. So here’s a big Thank You to Criterion Games for all the work you’re doing on BP. It’s one of the most heavily played titles I own at the moment.

6 thoughts on “Kudos to Criterion Games for “Burnout Paradise” free updates.

  1. I have nothing wrong with updates, even updates that I have to pay for IF they are updates that either fix major bugs or add a lot of new content.  Of course it would be nice if they actually released a bug-free game, or at least one that isn’t so bug-riddled, but that’s kind of like asking my dog to finish this post…woof woof arf woof yip…  PS3 and XBox are better than PC games.  Very rarely do you get a game that is simply unplayable, but some are as unpolished as my chin.  I’m not a big console dude, but most of the things I hear about Criterion are good.

    btw: I don’t know what you’re talking about re: Wall Street.  I make my living on the market and I’m doing just fine.  It’s all those places where…. you know… places that supposedly keep your money safe…. what’s the word I’m looking for??? shore?  delta?  I got it: bank… and those other places… where you send half your paycheck every month until you die of old age…. mortgage companies?  You gotta be crazy to trust those morons smile

  2. The game looked cool when I downloaded the demo on the 360. However, it is an EA game and thus I cannot buy it…

    Oh Well, gog.com will be coming online shortly!!

  3. Kit you can buy it quite easily.  You just choose not to.

    I do not think you understand.

    I cannot buy it. There is no choice to be made.

    I can not support a company that abuses their employees.
    I can not support a company that does not support their products.
    I can not support a company that puts profit over customer satisfaction.
    I can not support a company that is awarded for treating all these hippies and freaks that cannot find a job anywhere else (see recent awards to EA & gamestop the award was for gay equality, but really take a gander at some of them folks at gamestop!)
    I can not support a company that treats me as a thief.
    I can not support a company that installs rouge software on my computer behind my back, doing FSM only knows what.
    I can not support a company that, upon a public outcry of DRM, tries to discredit that group of people by calling them angry pirates, petulant children and flash mobs.

    And that is just a few reasons!

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