Kids make their own “Star Wars” movie, with help from Dad.

Not impressed with the kids making their own Doctor Who episode? Then how about kids making their own Star Wars movie, with help from Dad of course:

Best part of all? No Jar Jar.

5 thoughts on “Kids make their own “Star Wars” movie, with help from Dad.

  1. I’m impressed! Someone knows a thing or two about graphics. And everyone know that little boys just love to fight their older sisters. Was that last scene from the Bable where the Centurion . . . cheese

  2. That was adorable! Almost makes me want to change my wifes mind about having kids. Almost. Great job dad, must have been fun to make. I’m very impressed by how well you mated the animation and background. Cool to see a dad take the time to make something
    that will always be a good laugh, and or blackmail for future son or daughter inlaw to use.

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