John McCain vets his VP choice the old school way.

There’s been a lot of talk about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on the net since McCain announced her as his choice for V.P. and most of it is better written than anything I could come up with. Suffice it to say that I she doesn’t change my mind about not voting for McCain in the slightest. Given her relative inexperience and she’s already racked up an impressive body of work in the form of scandals and investigations into shit she’s tried to pull. So much so that one is inclined to wonder what the hell McCain was thinking when he made his choice.

Perhaps this video will provide some insight into that question:

That wedding ring feeling a little tight there John? OK, so that may be a bit of a low-blow, but still you’d think he’d be old enough to know he shouldn’t be checking out the potential VP’s assets quite so obviously while on camera.

9 thoughts on “John McCain vets his VP choice the old school way.

  1. Watched the video without audio, but when they are standing next to each other at the podium it seems he’s looking down at her notes rather than her “assets” but that’s just my opinion.

  2. I don’t think anyone has shared more critical-of-Palin articles on Google Reader than I have over the last three days, but I have to agree that McCain could as easily be looking at her notes as her rack.

    And if his hands were swollen in the heat or humidity or something, playing with his ring would be natural (heaven knows I do it).

    That said, it was an asinine choice (and choosing process).

  3. Hey now, in the early years of the Byzantine empire, the question of who would be Empress (or “Augusta”) was often settled by who could come up with the cutest daughter, niece, protege, etc.  Grampa’s just bringin’ back the good ol’ days…

  4. What does and alpha male do in a herd of elephants, a pride of lions, or a pack of wolves? He drives away the weaker males and services the females. (What did Bill Clinton do?) Do we want an alpha male at the head of our herd or not?  tongue wink cheese

  5. I love how this lady is all about the sanctity of life but isn’t very specific WHO’S life.

    Let’s see…here’s her with her son petting one of Santa’s reindeer.


    And here she is talking about how she loves all of life and how she would never just lounge around on a dead animal carcass like it’s nothing.


    And it looks like Santa is down to 6 deer


    And here she is exercising her 2nd amendment right to own a gun for protection. We all know a high powered automatic rifle with scope is very necessary to have around the house in case Santa and his demon reindeer try to break in or another human. Remember if you are RAPED then that’s not a good enough to terminate a life BUT when that demon spawn grows up to be the good Samaritan you know all broken home kids are she’ll be ready with more fire power than Iraq.


    But killing and guns is all right? She’s still a good Christian as a mother right?

    Oh yeah! No sex before marriage right? How about pregnant before graduation!

    And underage drinking? NEVER! That would never be allowed in a CHRISTIAN household right????? RIGHT????



    And GAYS???? BLASPHEMY!!!!


    Tell me. When does the GOOD CHRISTIAN part come in?

    F’n scam artist.

  6. Tell me. When does the GOOD CHRISTIAN part come in?

    Oh you know, the hypocracy and minding other peoples business. What isn’t christian about that?

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