I’ve removed the SEB donation buttons.

Nobody has made a donation in several months and I’m hoping that we’re stable enough financially to be able to handle the web hosting costs without help so I took the donation section down. I did move the Google Ads up to fill that spot for the time being seeing as they are generating a little bit of income, though not enough to support the site anytime soon.

Just a FYI.

Oh, and at some point I plan to go through and revise the SEB Cafe Press store that most of you have probably forgotten we have. If any of you are particularly creative and have ideas for T-shirts you’re dieing to try out, well, we could use a few new designs.

7 thoughts on “I’ve removed the SEB donation buttons.

  1. Then you are missing the delight of a Les Rant being sidebared by ‘context sensitive’ invitations to know our Lord and Saviour.

    Ebay once offered to ‘feed my passion’ and sell me the North Korean army.

  2. Oh and this page refreshed from me hitting submit is offering to sell me certain snake oil powered watches, not one but TWO links.  Possibly why its not making you much money- baloney links on a skeptics site!

  3. You should make a shirt with a cartoony picture of your beard and have it say, “Stupid people fear the Beard.” I would get that shirt.

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