Fuck you Alfred Dunhill.

According to their Terms and Conditions page this link is unauthorized:

ALFRED DUNHILL does not authorise linking to its Web Site from a third party web site without its prior written authorisation.

Apparently these asshats are some sort of overpriced London-based retailer of mostly mens clothing that is run by idiots who think they can control who’s allowed to link to their website.  Perhaps this is just a clever way to get folks to link to them out of spite and if it is then it worked. Just the same it earns them a great big “fuck you”, with love, from me.

6 thoughts on “Fuck you Alfred Dunhill.

  1. Why does that make me want to add a link to them to my page with the title “Come see the Asshats”? smile

    On the other hand, that just gives them free advertising….

  2. Although I’m quite tech savvy, I don’t actually know what all the phases mean- any pointers for a quick explanaition?

    Well…linking to a site is what Les did above, you click on it and arrive there. Hotlinking on the other hand means you have an image from another site appear on your own. It is a relatively common practice and can put a pretty big draw on the bandwidth of the site that hosts the image.

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