Christian Reconstructionists praying McCain/Palin win so God can kill McCain.

It’s no secret that the Religious Right wasn’t overly thrilled with John McCain winning the nomination, but it’s also clear that they absolutely adore his “choice” for VP. I put the word choice in quotes because there’s some indication the decision was more or less forced on him by the Fundies as McCain reportedly wanted to go with either Tom Ridge or Joe Liberman. It’s easy to understand their enthusiasm for her as she is clearly one of them based on her stance on just about every issue. Still she’s only the VP so one has to wonder why they’d be so excited about it and the obvious conclusion is that they’re hoping John McCain will kick the bucket early into his term leaving her to take over as President.

Now that’s a pretty cynical line of thought, but it turns out to be not only accurate, but also an understatement. Some Christian Reconstructionists out there aren’t going to leave it to chance. No, they’re calling on folks to not only pray that McCain/Palin win, but that God strike McCain down after he’s elected:

Antiabortion militant and all-round theocratic activist Jay Rogers of Florida, whose blog is called The Forerunner, writes:

Pray for John McCain’s salvation and speedy death. (Google The Forerunner’s articles on Imprecatory Prayer if you think this is harsh.)

And then there is this guy, a self-described Christian Reconstructionist whose blog handle is Ixion, and is apparently from Tennessee:

McCain’s VP choice, Sarah Palin, suddenly made me want to vote for him, as long as the LORD smites him while he’s in office. She’s consistently conservative on all the issues, and if she’s good enough for The Forerunner, she’s good enough for me. The Forerunner agrees with me that McCain must be smitten, as well, so I’m obviously not alone in my viewpoints.

After a long response to a well-researched Daily Kos diary by Dogemperor, discussing Palin’s religious history and raises some important concerns, Ixion comes back around to his main point.

May the LORD cause McCain/Palin to win the White House in 2008, and then smite the godless McCain in favor of Palin. Amen.

That’s gotta make McCain feel all warm and fuzzy about all that Religious Right ass he’s been kissing for the past year. Here he is violating just about every principle he’s ever held so he can get these people to vote for him and what’s the thanks he gets? A bunch of yahoos trying to use Imprecatory Prayer against him. I suppose he can take some comfort knowing that study after study shows prayer doesn’t accomplish jack shit, but it’s gotta sting to know there are people wishing you’ll die so the person they really want to see as President can take over.

The truly scary part is they might get their wish if he is elected. He’s not exactly a spring chicken after all. If you think the past eight years have been bad then you just wait until President Palin is in power. She makes Bush look almost mainstream.

Hat tip to Dispatches from the Culture Wars for the link.

16 thoughts on “Christian Reconstructionists praying McCain/Palin win so God can kill McCain.

  1. These people are absolutely nuts.

    On a semi-related question, how much overlap is there between the fundies and the racists? I read somewhere that atheists are more likely to be racist than christians ( who worship an arabian god and his arabian human avatar anyway) with obvious exceptions like the KKK.

  2. I believe it is a federal offence to call for the death of the President (Caveat- if you are a Senator, and the President is Clinton, then no further action will be taken).  How’s the law stand in trying to get God to kill some-one?

  3. Well, y’all know how I ration my f-bombs an’ all, but this post is worth an “A-fucking-men.” 

    Bloody hell, but I’m gonna be using my extra slack time at work tomorrow to appropriate a conference room for that private chat with an immigration lawyer.  I have absolutely no confidence that these kleptos won’t be stealing their third election running.  If there’s not open revolt after than, you can pretty much ink the death-warrant of the American republic.

    Of course, as hard as that weasely little catamite, Stephen Harper, is working to be just like his lunch-box hero Bush, I may consider hopping over the Pond.  (Assuming Last Hussar wouldn’t mind the company, of course…  I’m more of a cider-drinker than a beer-drinker, so that may be a deal-breaker.  [grin])

  4. Worse yet, what if the prediction comes true? That would only reinforce their belief in the Sky-Daddy. Last Hussar, any more room across the pond? I used to drink beer, and could would start immediately upon arrival.  cheese

  5. Well, they prayed for rain on Obama’s speech and got a hurricane on theirs.  They need to be careful what they prey [intentional] for!


  6. Leguru, I’d welcome you, but beware, its not all milk and honey here.  I do however know some good pubs.

    On a more serious note, a couple of years ago Les allowed me to start a thread about the US becoming a Theocracy.  At the time the question was hypothetical.  However.

    in (say) 12 months the 73 year old former torture victim has a heart attack.  Fundies do private happy dance at proof of prayer works.  Then…

    Assuming Palin keeps the wacky views- anti gay, pro creationism etc- how much power does she have?  Is a Dem senate different enough (given % religeon in the US) to reign in stuff.  What if it is a Rep senate after the Mid-terms?

    How much harm can she realistically do?

  7. in (say) 12 months the 73 year old former torture victim has a heart attack.  Fundies do private happy dance at proof of prayer works.  Then…

    Assuming Palin keeps the wacky views- anti gay, pro creationism etc- how much power does she have?  Is a Dem senate different enough (given % religeon in the US) to reign in stuff.  What if it is a Rep senate after the Mid-terms?

    How much harm can she realistically do?

    First of all, NEVER ask how much harm can someone do as President.  If Bush has taught us anything, it is that no matter how bad one party is, the other can always make things worse.

    Second, if a bunch of religious nutballs think they can pray for McCain to die and get their chosen one in office, then if the old bastard doesn’t cooperate and kick off, there is a non-zero chance of someone who thinks they have nothing to lose by trying to ‘encourage’ him.

    Never mind what sort of “God has Chosen me” speech Palin will use if it turns out McCain does die (remember, Bush was chosen by God to liberate Iraq) there is plenty of harm she could do.  Bush has already laid the groundwork for even worse power grabs than he’s done so far.  All she needs to do is see them (or be told where they are by Cheney)

    I can sum up a “Palin Presindency” in one sentence:  It will be the only Presidency that will be able to compete with Dubyas for “Worst in History”

  8. I ask because of the much vaunted ‘Checks and balances’. How much power actually vests in the Executive.  Could Creationism displace evolution in schools? Seperation of church and state be discarded? (Don’t bother to say ‘but the Constitution…’ until you have considered the wider effect of the 21st amendment).

  9. It’s a step-by-step process.  Could Palin, or someone like her put Creationism in school?  Yes.  Could it displace Evolution??  Not yet, but it could certainly be made easier by setting lesser precedent, such as supporting laws that imply that saying no to religion is the same as persecuting religion.

    Could Bush have taken over the government?  No.  But he managed to weaken congress and strengthen the Executive branch, make it easier to declare martial law and concentrated more power in the Executive Branch under ML, make it legal to detain people without cause and torture suspected terrorists.  He created a climate where people question your patriotism if you disagree with a war.  If, at the height of the Iraq war another 9/11 would have happened….. I don’t know.  Martial law? almost certainly.  How much further he’d take it would depend on Dubya’s conscience, and I don’t get warm fuzzies from that.  As it is, it will take a long time to undo what he did, assuming the next president even wants to.

    So.. how much damage can Palin do as President?  Not so much actual damage as pave the way for major damage later on, say.. for instance if she passes the Presidency off to another Dubya…

  10. What’s really funny is that the Forerunner page has changed.  It’s no longer openly calling for McCain’s death, but still calling for people to pray that his hit by god’s wrath. 

    HOWEVER – if you take the link to that page, enter it into Google and then hit “cached” it still shows the original in all it’s hateful glory.

  11. Does anybdy know what would happpen if McCain died BEFORE the election? What’s the process / precedent then?

  12. I think the SOP is up to the political party.  My guess is that Palin will take over the campaign unless they wanted someone else.

    I know what MY procedure is in that case (McCain dying), get drunk and have a party.

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