A quick photo meme.

Take a picture o’ yourself right now. Don’t change yer clothes, don’t fix yer hair … Just take a picture. Post that picture with NO editin’. Post these instructions with yer picture.

Click to embiggen!

Though I must confess that I did a minor edit to reduce the size of the big version down to a manageable 1024×768, but otherwise it’s completely untouched. Meme seen originally at ***Dave’s blog where his pic is much more attractive.

9 thoughts on “A quick photo meme.

  1. that one eyebrow curling up looks real evil-like.

    Which reminds me; it’s just about halloween month and we’re due for some new ‘shoops!

    Love, your loyal fan base raspberry

    No, really, though; when you planning on putting the halloween theme up this year?

  2. Both of my eyebrows have the Scary Crazy Man thing going on, but you can’t see much of the other one in that shot.

    Yes, I plan on putting the Halloween theme up again this year. Not sure if Beu Tochs, who did the Photoshops for me, is still reading SEB, but I may try tracking him down and seeing if he’s up to doing some new ones.

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