“World Of Warcraft: Wrath Of The Lich King” opening cinematic.

Yes I realize I’ve been posting a lot of videos on video games lately, but the news coming out of Leipzig has been so much better than what came out of E3 so bear with me.

Next up: is the official opening cinematic for the next World of Warcraft expansion:

At some point I plan to sit down and write up some of my impressions on the beta so far. Let’s just say that the fears of Azeroth being overrun by Death Knights are probably well founded as they are fun to play.

6 thoughts on ““World Of Warcraft: Wrath Of The Lich King” opening cinematic.

  1. In more awesome gaming new. The demo for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is up on PSN and XBOXlive today. Its awesome if not a little short.

  2. Blizzard hasn’t set anything in stone yet, but the general consensus is that they want to get it out in time for the holidays. Word has it that final decisions on the new talents will be coming down soon and that’s often one of the last things they do prior to the release. There’s still quite a bit of the expansion that hasn’t been unlocked in the beta, though, and character levels are still locked at 77.

    AA, that’s great news! I’ll have to set my PS3 to download it once I get home tonight.

  3. I’m getting into Warhammer Online beta this weekend. Can’t wait to play that game. It looks really good. Anyone else gonna try WAR?

  4. xav0971-
    Open beta or did you manage a beta spot in the closed? Open starts September 7th, I believe.  They pushed it back recently.  If it is closed, however, congrats.
    I have been in closed for a few months now, but really wasn’t impressed enough with the game to continue.  It was just too glitchy to really get into, and the combat and abilities just didn’t bring anything new to the table.  As far as the glitchiness, yes, I know it is a beta, but it was nearly unplayable for me.  I made my reports, so maybe that will be cleared up when it opens. 
    I think if you liked Dark Age of Camelot then you will certainly enjoy WAR.  It is basically an updated version which seems to focus even more on PvP, which is pretty amazing.  I’m disappointed in the removal of the tank classes and many of the cities, but I suppose that is just how it goes.
    I might play this game, or I might not.  I just can’t say for sure just yet.  My shoulders slump at the thought of another time commitment like WAR.  I’m still in heartbreak mode after the failure of AoC.  Hope you enjoy the game,

  5. Matt-

    It’s open beta preview this weekend so I’ll try the game. I’m downloading the WAR beta. I played AoC but didn’t like it. I really wanted to like it. Oh well. I hope WAR is better. I played WOW for 2 years and quit. I got bored with it.

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