The next “Prince of Persia” looks awesome.

There’s a new trailer out for the next iteration of the Price of Persia games and it looks great. The best part is your female companion in this one looks to actually be useful instead of standing around and whining most of the time. It’s especially impressive in high def. Check it:

Yep, gonna have to put that one on my Wish List.

5 thoughts on “The next “Prince of Persia” looks awesome.

  1. Dam

    Not only does she look useful but the writing and banter between them is actually entertaining and not annoying. Thats a hard thing to achieve in video games it seems.

  2. Swuhweet! Thanks for the note, Ryan. Was hoping to post it when it came out.

    Speaking of WotLK, I’m enjoying the Beta immensely.

  3. Now I’m immensely jealous. Grats on the beta key.

    At least Prince of Persia is coming out on Xbox, too. Watch, both WoTLK and PoP will drop within days of each other.

  4. I don’t know about this. It looks like they’re making it more homogenised in preparation for the movie starring (urk) Jake Gyllenhal. Nothing against the guy, but surely there’s got to be SOME Arab-American actors who would easily be a better choice. Notice, even the in game model looks like Gyllenhal, and the writing is definitely more ‘Hollywood’. The gameplay looks solid however, and I might pick it up for that alone.

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