Sony releases a virtual pet in your living room.

I have to give Sony credit for doing some amazing stuff with the PlaystationEye accessory for the PS3. The original EyeToy for the PS2 had a few games for it that attempted to allow you to interact with on screen objects, but most of them were collections of simple mini-games that were only amusing for a short while. The most ambitious EyeToy game was AntiGrav which had you using your whole body to control a dude on a hover board. It wasn’t terrible, but it never really lived up to the promise.

Shortly after the PS3 came out Sony released the PlaystationEye which was an enhanced version of the EyeToy. Right off the bat it was clear things were going to be quite different with the release of the game The Eye of Judgement which was essentially a trading card game that used the PS3 and the PlaystationEye to bring the cards to life in a fashion reminiscent of the animated chess scene in Star Wars. When the game came out it worked just as advertised and has been relatively popular.

Now Sony is kicking it up a notch with the announcement of EyePet. A disgustingly cute virtual pet that will interact with you via the PlaystationEye camera. Check out this trailer for it:

If it works half as well as the trailer suggests then it’ll be very impressive. Based on the footage it’s hard to say just how long it’d remain an interesting plaything, but for younger kids it could be very popular. I’m just impressed with the level of interaction that appears to be possible.

5 thoughts on “Sony releases a virtual pet in your living room.

  1. Yea the interaction impressed me too. Not to mention the opportunity of using this technology with games. If Sony’s cam can track that well it wouldn’t be too hard to do some cool things with games. No controller necessary.

  2. Took one look at that bit of software and straight away thought, damn sneaky way of getting a camera into every living room. Now do you think they will come up with a reason for monitoring every internet connected PS3 with camera, after all it is for your safety. Perhaps it has just been too many years of neocon rule.

  3. Webs, they’re already trying that with a new PS2 EyeToy game called Hero it uses the EyeToy and comes with a special green sword that allows for 1:1 sword fighting in the game:

    EyeToy Play: Hero comes with a real toy sword which, when held in front of the EyeToy USB Camera, becomes a shimmering on-screen blade that matches your movements perfectly.

    Gameplay consists of 20 fun challenges, all making use of the EyeToy Play: Hero sword, as you follow the medieval tale of knights, bandits and dragons. The unique control scheme is put to great use; in one level you must take on the fearsome Nefarious Knight. To beat him you have to hold up the sword in the correct position to block his attacks, before hacking away at his armour whenever he turns his back to you.

    In another stage, Torchlit Tunnels, your fiery blade also acts as a torch, lighting the creepy caverns. However, if a guard arrives then you have to quickly hide it behind your back to avoid being spotted. And if you see a colony of bats flying towards you, you can shout to frighten them away, thanks to the EyeToy USB Camera’s built-in microphone. Later on, you get to ride on the back of a flying dragon and deflect the tree trunks being hurled at you by giant birds.

    Sony’s doing some interesting motion tracking with there webcams to say the least.

    Robert, that’s a little on the paranoid side don’t you think?

  4. Sickenly cute, its almost as cute as Cuteness Overload which has caused me to gag at cute occasionaly.

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