Parents who let daughter starve in bed sue city for not putting a stop to it.

How do you define chutzpah? Here’s a perfect example:

PHILADELPHIA – The parents charged in the starvation death of their bedridden daughter have sued the city, alleging that dangerous and reckless actions by several municipal employees and contract workers contributed to the girl’s death.

The lawsuit outraged prosecutors, who have charged Andrea Kelly, 39, with murder in the death of 14-year-old Danieal Kelly, who had cerebral palsy and died two years ago from malnutrition and maggot-infested bedsores.

[…] The wrongful death suit, filed earlier this month, seeks reimbursement for medical bills, funeral costs and other expenses.

Lawyers said they filed the suit to protect the interests of the victim’s siblings.

“The parents are not seeking any money from this,” attorney Brian Mildenberg said. “The potential beneficiaries are the brothers and sisters and the parents, but the parents may be disqualified by a conviction or a civil finding of abandonment.”

Prosecutors were angered.

“I think it’s an obscenity. I cannot imagine that people in that situation who did what they did to their own daughter are attempting to profit from it,” Assistant District Attorney Ed McCann, head of the city’s homicide unit, told the Philadelphia Daily News.

The sad part is that they may have a valid complaint as two city caseworkers assigned to the family have been fired and criminally charged as a result of the death. The news item itself is very short so it’s hard to discern much about it, but it appears that simple apathy instead of religious delusion was responsible for a child’s death this time around.

6 thoughts on “Parents who let daughter starve in bed sue city for not putting a stop to it.

  1. Yeah my kid is broken so I’m going to let her die!  Don’t you love the reasoning behind that action.  The parents should be locked up and starved to death themselves but very slowly.  I know you going to say the father didn’t do anything—that is the problem—he didn’t.  That is the same as accessory.  Not saying the caseworkers are not at fault but does anyone check the caseloads of people in these jobs? Does anyone do follow ups on their visit to see if their are indeed doing their job?
    Lastly the city didn’t bear these children so they shouldn’t have to face a lawsuit for them. When did a child’s life become so disgustingly easy to destroy?

  2. Maggot infested bedsores? She died from wasting away and having what was left eaten by insects? Im not even angry, im crying, physicaly crying. This girl was left in her room like it was an above ground tomb. Hunger, lonliness, pain, fear and misery before that final time she went to sleep.

    Dham them. And this child had sibling? I hope they get a new home, fast.

  3. WARNING: Link to ElfNinosMom site above at your own risk. Do not do this on an empty stomach. Keep a box of tissues handy. And pray for life without parole, as ElfNinosMom recommends.  sick

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