Melvin the Official SEB Cat has adjusted well to our new home.

It’s amazing how a change of scenery can affect your attitude. Take Melvin, the Official SEB Cat, and his adventure with moving with us to yet another location. When we moved in with the in-laws he became a lot less vocal than he had been and he developed a tendency to growl at the slightest touch. He never attacked anyone, but he sure was grumpy. I’m sure sharing a house with four other cats after being king of the castle for so long didn’t help.

We’ve been here three weeks now and Melvin joined us a week after we first moved in. He did the usual couple of days of being totally freaked out by every noise he heard and trying to find someplace he could hide, but once he realized he was safe and back to being the only cat in the house he went back to the ways he had when he first came to live with us. Mainly talking up a storm and insisting on being the center of attention. Take the following pictures as an example:

Click to embiggen!

Here he has established himself on the table we’re currently using as a computer desk for our computers in the basement. Annoyed that Anne wants to use her mouse he taps her on the hand as if to say “quit it!”

In this next pic, taken with my cellphone, he makes it clear that it’s time that I stop playing on my computer and start paying attention to him:

In short, he’s back to being king of the castle and the rest of us just live here. Good to have the old Melvin back again.

4 thoughts on “Melvin the Official SEB Cat has adjusted well to our new home.

  1. That is Anne’s resume. She’s trying to land a job in the area so she’s been polishing it up and submitting it all over town. My monitor is the one on the right with World of Warcraft on it.

  2. MmmmMmmm… Saitek keyboard.  Nice.  Had one, but it crapped out on me. Now I’m stuck with a crappy logitech generic and an MX518 mouse that seems ready to die on me. 
    Cute cat, allergic to them, but that doesn’t stop me from visiting back home where mom has 3 permanent cat’s inside, one outside, and four temporary kittens she is raising since their mother died.  They tend to adjust quickly.  Resilient. Not quite sure how some people claim they aren’t ‘cat people’.  Bah.  Screw dogs.
    – Matt

  3. I am glad to hear that your cat is back to his old self.  Cats are very cool animals and it is hard to see a cat that is in distress.

    I am a cat person myself, and our cats are all indoor cats. 

    A dog should never be kept indoors, they should have a fenced back yard to use as a toilet.

    My partner volunteered to dog-sit a beagle—the fucking thing shit and pissed all over the house.  A dog has to be taken out twice a day to kill the grass, and a cat just has to have a cat box.  They re-landscaped in front of our condo this spring and planted new sod; the new grass looks like hell because it is covered with brown spots caused by dog piss.

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