It’s beginning to look like the PS3 will be a success after all.

A lot of folks are saying that 2008 is the year of the Playstation 3 and it’s increasingly looking like that may be true. It’s taken awhile to get here, but the PS3 has picked up some serious momentum. While it’s no where near close to the Nintendo Wii in terms of hardware sales, it has been outselling the Xbox 360 for the past several months and has doubled its sales from this time last year:

Following the latest NPD video game sales data for July, which showed the PS3 outselling the Xbox 360 by about 20,000 units, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) has issued its own reaction to the sales, noting that PS3 hardware was once again boosted by the Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle. With the inclusion of the July data, the PS3 has now sold 1.8 million units in the U.S. in 2008, which represents 99 percent growth over last year.

Furthermore, PS3 software sales have grown 206 percent year-to-date. And Sony said there are now more than 10 million registered PSN accounts worldwide and approximately 200 million pieces of content have been downloaded across the globe. Overall, year to date (Jan-July), the PlayStation brand has generated nearly $3.3 billion in revenue, which is an increase of more than 22 percent.

The Xbox 360 still has a larger installed base, but that’s to be expected given it had a whole year to itself and the slow start the PS3 suffered due to its high price tag and lack of software. There’s quite a few major titles being released this year that are good candidates for selling hardware with the most anticipated being Little Big Planet. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the PS3 is the most future-proof Blu-ray player available.

With the Nintendo Wii shitting out money at a record pace for Nintendo it’s doubtful that Sony will recapture the number one console position this generation, but they can’t be too upset at the likelihood of being number two. As of November the PS3 will be two years into a 10 year life cycle so there’s still plenty of time left for improvement.

9 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look like the PS3 will be a success after all.

  1. Fuck MGS4, I’m getting a PS3 for Little Big Planet. Every time I see that game I want to rip off my skin in excitement.

  2. Still enjoying my PS3. Though took a punch in the gut when my PS3 decided to no longer recognize any of save data…

    After the most recent update and playing some of the Madden 09 demo I turned it off. Next time I turned it on the PS3 asked me to rebuild the DB. Ok no problem except that fails and it tell me to format the HD. I tell it no and it tells me if can’t recognize the harddrive.  Turn it off and back and on and it loads fine… except all my data isn’t there.  Well it’s there (20/55GB free), but my PS3 won’t recognize it and I can’t seem to find out online how to fix it…

    So I upgraded to the 120 GB HD I got with the Ps3 when I bought it second hand and I’ll just make sure to actually back up often from now on.

  3. I doubt I’ll be buying a PS3 till long after I get a new PC and I’m already saving up for a new PC.

  4. I laugh at the 10 year life cycle for PS3. If Sony does that say goodbye. Xbox 720 will be out in 3-4 years from now and it will blow away the PS3 in processing power and memory capacity. Having 512 mg memory is a major limiting factor for making games on both xbox 360 and PS3 with high graphics fidelity. The next xbox will have a huge technical advantage. 2gb memory will be the min for next gen consoles. The cell processor from Sony is all hype. Don’t get me wrong PS3 is a nice piece of hardware but doesn’t have the games I’m interested in and losing most of their exclusives also hurt them. I basically use mine as a blu-ray player. These are the specs I would expect for xbox 720:

    Quad core processor @4ghz (able to run 2 processing threads per core)
    2GB 1ghz spd memory min (can use up to 1Gb for graphics memory)
    500GB hdd
    HD-DVD type drive space capacity
    (I think digital distribution is the future)
    ATI 4000 series graphics chip with 4xAA (no performance hit) @ 1080p resolution min 30fps+

    I will be looking forward to a console with these specs smile let’s see how far I’m off with the real next gen xbox coming fall 2011

    PS. I’m basically a PC gamer and always will be.

  5. Xav0971 writes…

    I laugh at the 10 year life cycle for PS3. If Sony does that say goodbye.

    I’m not sure why you’d say that. The PS2 was released in 2000 and at eight years old is still selling just fine. Not to mention the fact that people are still developing games for it.

  6. I’m definitely on the list of people who’ll buy the PS3 when I get an HDTV—it plays Blu-Ray, it plays video files right off a usb drive, and it plays GTA4.  It’s up-conversion seems to be pretty good, too.  DVDs look loads better on my friend’s HDTV through his PS3 than through his old DVD player (using the tv’s up-conversion)  They were talking about releasing a DVR model, I could be very much into that.

    Les, you mentioned when you got yours that you might use a keyboard and mouse for gaming.  Did you end up going that way or did you just get used to the controller?  I’m a pc gamer and can’t imagine playing a shooter with a controller.

  7. Well I suppose Sony could be selling ps3 for 10 years time total but they need to get the ps4 out in 3-4 years time to compete against Microsoft’s next gen console. I hope Sony isnt that arrogant to think that the ps3 can compete against the next xbox and not need a ps4.

    Sony also needs to discontinue the ps2 and drop the ps3 price.

  8. Thrice, not only will it play videos off a USB drive, but it’ll stream them off your PC as well. Whenever I download Doctor Who episodes I just stream them to the PS3 to watch them. The DVR option isn’t a new model, it’s an add-on called PlayTV, but for the moment it’s only going to be offered in Europe for reasons I’m not entirely sure of.

    As for using a keyboard and mouse, I’ve yet to get a FPS for the PS3 so I’ve not tried it. I currently only own four titles: Grand Theft Auto IV, Calling All Cars (downloadable), Assassin’s Creed and MotorStorm. With any luck I’ll get something new for my birthday that’s coming up on the 25th, but it won’t be from the wife as the TV and the new home was more or less my birthday present this year.

    Xav0971, why should Sony discontinue the PS2 when it’s still selling about half as well as the Xbox 360. There were 155,000 PS2s sold last month which isn’t bad when you consider the Xbox 360 only moved 205,000 units. Combine that with the 225,000 PS3s they sold and 222,000 PSPs and that’s a tidy some of money. I say sell for as long as people are buying it.

    I would be surprised to see a PS3 price drop before sometime next year. The PS3 is currently outselling the Xbox 360 even with the higher price point. Sony’s already said not to expect a price cut during the Leipzig game fair:

    “It’s not going to happen. If you’re coming for that you’ll be disappointed,” Sony Computer Entertainment spokesman Nick Caplin said.

    In the 12 months ending March 31, Sony sold 9.24 million units, below its initial estimates of 11 million sales.

    But in an interview with Reuters on July 16, the company’s video game chief said the firm was on track for the current year’s target of 10 million sales.

    The PS3 is still an expensive product to produce and they’re working on redesigns of the hardware that’ll reduce the cost further. That’s part of why the 40GB model has been discontinued and they’re down to just the 80GB model with the MGS4 pack-in at $400. The new 80GB model is basically the 40GB with double the hard drive space and minus the card readers and the PS2 backwards compatability.

  9. I love, love, love the PS3. I was finally able to get one for my birthday a couple months ago and it’s da shit. I plan on upgrading the hard drive and putting Ubuntu on it and tooling around with that. But the endless features are awesome.

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