Is McCain channeling Rudy Giuliani or something?

Remember how during the the Republican primary Rudy Giuliani kept tossing “9/11” into every other sentence to remind folks of his role during that national tragedy? Surely I can’t be the only person who has noticed that John McCain and his lackeys are doing the same damned thing with the “P.O.W.” these days.

And as it turns out others have noticed as well:

The McCain campaign’s constant invocation of the candidate’s POW past is weird bordering on irrational: yesterday, Nicolle Wallace used it as evidence that McCain didn’t “cheat” at Saddleback. By a VERY generous interpretation, she could have meant that POWs don’t cheat. Or that once you’ve been a POW, you’ve been through so much you’re above cheating. Or maybe you can’t accuse a POW of cheating unless you’re a POW.

Today, spokesman Brian Rogers took the same tack against the “housing crisis” they currently face: “This is a guy who lived in one house for five and a half years—in prison.” So is he arguing that we shouldn’t begrudge McCain his multiple house because he once lived in an awful prison? Is he saying POWs deserve multiple houses (and you thought Obama was pro-nanny-state!)? Or maybe he’s saying that McCain’s several houses are really just prisons… of the soul. Man is entombed by his possessions, it’s true.

McCain’s hypocrisy has risen to insane levels with all the cries that Obama is an elitist considering that McCain can’t even remember how many houses he owns. He’d like us to believe he’s one of us and feels our pain when it’s clear to anyone who is paying attention that that couldn’t be further from the truth. Turning 9/11 into a mantra didn’t work for Rudy and I seriously doubt it’ll work for McCain in the long haul. With all the Republican pundits, not to mention McCain himself, whipping out “P.O.W.” at the slightest bit of criticism of their candidate there’s a good chance the public will see it for what it is and a backlash could develop.

So, in spite of how sick I am of hearing it constantly, I actually hope they’ll keep using it.

4 thoughts on “Is McCain channeling Rudy Giuliani or something?

  1. For me, McCain’s hypocrisy is related to his collection of Social Security.  He’s in favor of “means testing” for others, but he has millions.  And he wants to cut spending by reducing benefits.

    It is too ridiculous to be believed.


  2. McCain is a hypocritical fool. He utilize his traumatic POW history as a “Get out of jail Card”. He distorts his inability to answer questions or flip-flop with his military service. Well, since he brought military service into the equation, what has he done for our military members? Normally this wouldn’t be a question, but several veteran organizations have web sites against McCain. Why is that? Their grievances range from ignoring pleas of POW/MIA to his position on the latest GI Bill.

    I question his authenticity due to his campaign surrounding themselves with lobbyist. Would his comment on Russia been as harsh if his adviser and campaign member wasn’t on Georgia bankroll? I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but even when this guy wasn’t in the picture he still made asinine comments… “Bomb Bomb, Iran… , accusing Iran of harboring Al Quadea and training them to send them to Iraq..etc.
    The “Bomb Iran” comment I can let go for the sake of sick comedy, But haven’t we as a nation experienced enough damage from ignorant leaders? Seriously, McCain showed his vast experience in foreign affairs by confusing Sunnis, Shiites, and countries that exist and border Iraq. This sounds like a person I would like getting a call at 3 am regarding middle east issues.

    So if you feel the USA is currently on the right path, then McCain is your person. Heck, McCain might be even better for you, especially with all of his violent outburts.

  3. I just want to say that first off, your website is a great addition to the internet and we need more sites like these that encourage open mindedness and open discussion.

    Back on track though, I find it very scary to see that the Republican party once again went with the one person that is easiest to control, or in more literal terms, strip control away from. As we all know, the past 8 years are directly descendant from the Republican party and it’s corrupt leaders obtaining full control over America as we know it. Bush, either way you look at him, is clueless. Just as McCain is. They both knew nothing of their party’s intentions, and rather didn’t want to oppose it. It was, and is as simple as the Republican party saying: “You want to be president? Ok, then this is what you’re going to do for us.” 

    John McCain, like George Bush, would rather take the title of President that he has lusted for too long, than face the facts of his own party’s corruption and self-righteous destruction of America.

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