I had the weirdest dream last night.

In the dream I’m in bed and I wake up. While sitting up and stretching I happen to look down at the night stand (that I don’t have) next to the bed and see a fairly large sized package sitting next to it as though someone had delivered it to my bedside during the night. For some reason this doesn’t strike me as being in any way odd and I just assume that I must have picked it up the day before and put it there before going to bed. Looking at the label it seems that it has something to do with the death of my biological father. The impression (because so much in dreams tend to be impressions) is that it’s his death report, but the box is way too big for just a bunch of papers.

I slide down onto the floor dressed only in my boxers and proceed to open the package and it does contain some paperwork about my father’s death, but it also includes a large container filled with preservation liquid of some sort and what appears to be the partially dissected head and shoulders of my dead father. Part of one side of his skull has been removed revealing the right hemisphere of his brain and a strip of flesh from the left side of his face has been cut away revealing musculature and the bottom of his left eye socket. Additionally the entire corpse has been carefully cut straight down the middle so it can be folded open to reveal a cross section of everything down to just before his lungs would start. Considering the man has been dead for over 36 years the corpse is in surprisingly good shape and while I’m a bit surprised at finding it in the package I’m more fascinated at seeing a man who’s face I can barely remember and being able to peer inside his head. I do think it odd that I received his head and shoulders when he died of cancer of the colon, but I’m also relieved that I didn’t get the part of his anatomy that killed him.

For reasons that only make sense in a dream, I proceed to open the container and lift up the corpse so I can fold it open to get a better look at the internals because I’m strangely fascinated by them and can’t resist my curiosity. It’s at this point that my wife stirs in the bed next to me and I suddenly realize that I’m examining the corpse of my dead father on the bedroom floor in my boxers and the utter absurdity of it all hits home. In a panic I try, and fail, to put the corpse back in the container without splashing preservation fluid all over the carpet and as I do so the corpse starts to fall apart in my hands. The left side of its brain falls out in the container splashing fluid all over the place, then the right eye falls into my hand, and the tongue is getting in the way of folding the body closed again. Plus it all won’t fit back into the container properly because there was barely enough room in it to hold the body in the first place and with all the random parts falling out and taking up room the bulk of it doesn’t want to go back in, but my wife is waking up and I desperately want to close the thing up and get it out of her sight so as not to upset her. I end up smooshing everything back into the container and getting it closed with quite a bit of fluid spillage and the body looking even more grotesque than it did when I first opened the package. It’s about that time that Anne wakes up, rolls over to the edge of the bed and asks me what I’m doing. She’s just starting to register on her face what’s on the floor in front of me when I literally wake up.

What the fuck was that all about?

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  1. Sounds like you are embarking on a some kind of journey of knowledge, but you are afraid of others finding out.

    Or it could be a undigested bit of potato…

  2. I think that most dreams are more about how they make you feel and what they make you think about than what the actual images might suggest. These images are pretty grody! I think that this dream suggests that perhaps you’re ready to examine your dad’s life and death from the perspective of a caring observer, someone with a real interest. Might not be pretty. Makes sense that you’d not want to be observed doing this, it’s a pretty vulnerable position to be in. Like sitting on your bedroom floor in your shorts trying to fold up a long-dead corpse!

  3. It means you are one sick puppy.. smile

    Seriously, I could go all psychotic.. er.. psychological on you and hint that you had unresolved issues with your father or something, but there’s just no telling.  I used to have this recurring dream where I was endlessly jogging.  I’d come to this almost-too-high cliff and jump off of it without a second thought.  At the bottom I’d turn around and suddenly be looking down from the same cliff.  Instead of jumping off it again, I’d turn around and run away from it, only to encounter it again moments later and the sequence would repeat itself.  I used to have it all the time when I was in college.  Since then, I’ve had it a handful of times.  I’ve asked a few people who should know what they’re talking about and haven’t yet heard an explanation that is very satisfying.  The first time I had the dream was twenty years ago.  It doesn’t even come close to a nightmare.  In the dream, I feel analytical, like it isn’t really me that this is happening to, but I don’t believe it’s really that important on the scale of dream significance, certainly not enough to spend money of a real shrink without a guarantee of even getting an answer.  The most intriguing thing about it is that it is recurring without an identifiable pattern (except college), but it’s one of those things that can drive you nuts trying to figure it out even if it isn’t important, especially when it’s one of the few dreams I can remember with perfect clarity.

    On the other hand, maybe if I had figured it out all those years ago, I’d have been much more successful and be a millionaire by now smile  Like I said…. who knows?  The brain is really creepy sometimes.  What’s more important is: If it had been the trailer for a movie, would you go to see it? smile

    Just watch out for the one with the naked women throwing pickles at you.. smile

  4. You’re a “Real Genius”, Swordsbane.

    I honestly don’t think the dream means a thing. It was just weird and I rarely remember my dreams so the fact that I recalled this one stood out. I don’t have any unresolved issues with my dead father as far as I’m aware. I worked all those out years ago.

    The whole thing was just so odd.

  5. This may be your best post ever! lol!

    I love when people talk about their dreams. I dont believe all dreams have meaning. Its just my opinion thats the way the body keeps going while your not. But it is your truer self than you will ever see. So ignore all the people that try to play Freud.

    Strange thing I notice about my dreams is the re-using of Dreamscapes. Landscapes that dont really exist, used from dreams from as far back as 20yrs. Anybody else?

  6. Of course it means something, Les.  Something happened in your brain to create the dream.

    I once wrote a story about an apple that fell off a tree, dug itself into the dirt until the only thing visible was the stem.  Then a poodle walked over and touched the apple’s stem and it exploded like a land mine.  It’s an old psychologist’s trick. You write it off the top of your head without thinking about things like plot, story, even continuity.  Whatever hit my brain was put on paper.  (It’s also a writer’s trick.. I’m not sure what that says about writers…. or psychologists)

    Did that story say anything about me?  It said that I was not likely to ever have that much rum and coke again if any of my friends could help it.

    Now… did it say anything important about my psyche?  God, I hope not.

  7. Unresolved issues—-yes you were five years old.  One day an ambulance came and took your father away.  I think there will always be some unresolved issues.

  8. Like Sandy said,

    Or it could be a undigested bit of potato…

    Our mind is a part of our body and is subject to chemical imbalances that are present in the body. Thoughts are as much chemical as electrical and could mean something deep and unexplained, like Momma said, or like Sandy. Take your pick. If you start a new religion over this, though, count me out!  grin

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