Fucking spammers.

Some twelve or so SEB members got spammed through our mail system today by someone going by the name of “lucie” and I would like to apologize for the inconvenience. Your emails haven’t been revealed as it was done through EE’s built in mail system which doesn’t reveal it to the sender. The person who did the spamming had to send each message individually so it took some time. They started around 7:14AM and sent the last message at 10:44AM. The spam itself was a variant of the classic Nigerian scam and the account has been banned.

Again, my apologies. On the bright side this method of spamming is slow and bothersome enough (thanks to captchas among other things) that the number of people affected remains low.

5 thoughts on “Fucking spammers.

  1. You say “fucking spammers”, Les.  Do spammers really fuck, or do they reproduce in shit, like maggots?

  2. Not just that the number contacted was low, it was also among those who are some of the least likely to fall for it.

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