Dumbass woman sees rainbow in sprinkler spray, thinks it’s “unnatural.”

In yet another example of why science literacy is important we’re proud to present to you: Dumbass woman who thinks there’s something wrong with her water because she can see a rainbow in the spray from her sprinkler…

The video was created last summer and is painful to listen to as the woman says things like “this cannot be natural” and “its time we asked what the hel is going on.”

Found via Skepchick.org.

20 thoughts on “Dumbass woman sees rainbow in sprinkler spray, thinks it’s “unnatural.”

  1. The silly thing is that because of idiotic conspiracy theories like these (“oh noes, the government is adding rainbow essence to our drinking water!”, the ones that make more sense like the whole 9/11 thing are ignored.

    I also like the typo (rainbow’s) in the very title of the … still image with sound. It’s one us Europeans used to make back before many of us learned English.

  2. That poor woman.  I do agree with one thing she said:  “We as a nation have got to ask ourselves what the hell is going on”.  Don’t they teach rainbows in school anymore?

  3. Saw this a couple of weeks ago, and have been looking for a thread to link to the video. You’ll notice wargamers can be a sarcastic bunch.

    Wonder if she is a global warming denier, that would be the ultimate irony. And just think come November she gets to help pick the next President.


  5. She doesn’t need to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. She has obviously already found a pot of her own.  tongue wink LOL

  6. Wonder if she is a global warming denier, that would be the ultimate irony.

    I agree, LH, but irony is water on a duck’s back to these folks. My experience has been that denial rarely resides in one form alone: Holocaust deniers are often global warming deniers, evolution deniers are often 9/11 troothers, etc. 

    leguru- are you maligning my favorite weed?  Even high as a kite I’ve never been as misinformed and paranoid as this unfortunate rainbow conspiracy theorist.

  7. I find myself hoping it’s a mockery as well. It’s sad to think someone got that far in life without learning something as nifty as why rainbows happen. Hopefully somebody set her straight. I wonder how she feels about this stupidity making rounds on the interwebs…

  8. While I think there is concern as to what may be in the water (think tailings from some of those mines in the west), rainbows ain’t one of them.

  9. ROY G BIV = Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.  Taught in Elementary School!! Oh MY.

  10. I knew I tasted something funny last time I was in California, and now I want to redecorate the apartment…

  11. That would be the arsenic- you know the deadly poison that Clinton tightened ppb limits in drinking water, and the first thing Bush did was get rid of those laws, because it was interfering with the Water Companies in a free market.

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