Another fun weekend of moving is in the bag.

And we’ve still got more boxes than we’d like to admit to left to go. Thanks to the help of Andy and JethricOne (and his two daughters) we loaded up two vans worth of stuff and shuttled it to our new home. You never really realize just how much crap you have until you try to move it all someplace else. One of my projects in the time that I am here will be to go through all the stuff and start getting rid of things I don’t need. Courtney and I are both terrible rat packers, but I find that I’m getting better about it as I get older. Whereas in the past I would be inclined to hold onto the most miscellaneous things out of the mistaken belief that it may come in handy someday, a day which never seems to come, I’m actually giving such thoughts serious scrutiny and throwing stuff away before we move it. Andy has kindly offered us the use of his van to get the rest of the stuff over here and we’ll probably take him up on it.

But first my car has to go into the shop tomorrow to see if they can replace a faulty switch on the driver’s seat that controls the seat positioning. Anne and I share the one car and she’s considerably shorter than me and while the seat will still move up and down and tilt, it won’t slide forward and back which is the one thing we need it to do as she is much shorter than I am. Currently it’s stuck in a position where I’m the only one who can drive the car. We’re also going to have them take a look at the brakes to see if they’re due for replacing.

Right now I’m going to go upstairs and rest my weary bones. Sore not only from moving all day, but also the shopping for groceries we did after we were done moving. I hear the melodious sounds of a new microwave informing me that a nice hot beef pot pie is awaiting me.

3 thoughts on “Another fun weekend of moving is in the bag.

  1. I’ve often thought that the military has the right idea.  Move every couple of years and soon enough you jettison all the “junk”.

    Just this past year we finally threw out several boxes of stuff that we had kept in the basement for 20 YEARS since our last move!


  2. When you are tired, sore, and hungry a beef pot pie sounds like a great cure.  Hope you enjoyed it.  I have made myself a promise to visit you at your new home but it will have to wait until after the cast that goes on on the 22nd comes off.

  3. As it turns out, Anne changed her mind and we had roasted chicken (pre-cooked from Kroger), garlic mashed potatoes, and green beens instead. Still a good dinner though.

    SG, I’m hoping the next move will be my last and into a house. I’m also hoping I win the lotto so I can hire movers to do the hard part. grin

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