A quick Olympics question for you guys…

… are the damned things over and done with yet? I haven’t been paying attention.

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  1. China top
    USA 2nd
    Russia 3rd
    GB 4th

    And yes, US were second, the IOC count golds won, silver and bronze as tiebreakers, not the US method of count total medals.

    I’m missing them.

  2. I enjoyed watching Phelps kick ass, but I had no idea when it started and ended. I’m not “THAT” into the Olympics, but in small doses it can be entertaining.

  3. Badminton, Equestrian, Handball, Table Tennis, and Trampoline are events.  I think we’re looking at the special Olympics.  Might as well include Nascar and pie eating.  What a joke.
    – Matt

  4. I noticed when people stopped spending half the day in our breakroom at work watching events.

  5. Last Hussar –
    I see, criticism requires accomplishment in the subject? Interesting. 
    Act like the 5 events I mentioned are interesting to watch.  Just pretend.  And then remember they are considering skimpy outfits for table tennis just to try and attract more viewers (works for beach volleyball).  Yeah… The events exist in order to give other countries a chance at Gold because the US dominates the real events (only 1 gold in equestrian, go us)—and believe me, I’m not saying that out of pride for my countries’ achievements, I don’t care at all. Zero caring here. 
    It is strange when softball (usually dominated by the US) is looked at for removal and badminton and table tennis still exist as events.
    But what I’m really trying to say is: Blow me.
    – Matt

  6. I was actually reply to your comment “Special Olympics”, the implication that somehow these sport do not require the same level of commitment/skill/physical fitness as the ‘traditional’ sports.

    This isn’t to say I think all events should be in the Olympics.  I don’t think syncronised swimming is really an Olympic sport, however I would not sneer at the participants, having seen not just the skill, but pure body strength the competitors have- I certainly wouldn’t describe them as ‘special olympics’- what ever you mean by that.  Possibly you mean the Para-olympics- why don’t you go and sneer at a para-olympian face to face.

    It is strange when softball is looked at for removal

    Well, given that there is only really one country where baseball/softball is played extensively, many of the 95% of the world population wonder why it was ever there in the first place

    (usually dominated by the US)

    Oh, may be that’s it.

    Blow me.

    That famous US wit and diplomacy at it’s finest.

  7. Matt,

    Seriously. Stop talking. You’re just showing how ignorant you are.

    I assure you that there are other places in the world besides the United States. I also assure you that these places play different sports than those played in the United States and I assure you that these sports are played with the same determination, perseverance and skill than those played in the United States.

    Just because you don’t watch them, or you don’t like them, or you don’t think they’re “real sports” doesn’t make it so. Simply because they are not popular in your country does not mean that they are not popular in other countries. I, for example, don’t consider baseball a sport, nor American football necessary when games like rugby and Australian rules football exist, but I understand the concept that some people do consider these sad attempts at ‘athleticism’ (*snicker*) to be “sports”.

    Badminton, handball and table tennis ARE awesome to watch, and many people outside your country DO watch them. Equestrian is not my cup of tea, but yes, I do consider it a worthwhile and competitive sport. Trampoline is a subdivision of gymnastics (in my opinion) and works at about the same level.

    My suggestion to you would be to educate yourself about the world and cultures around you and to refrain from imparting your nescient point of view. As it stands, you are simply reinforcing the stereotype about Americans held by most everyone that doesn’t live south of the 49th.

    Also, I would suggest trying some of the sports you mentioned yourself. Badminton is extremely fun and competitive and handball is equally awesome.

  8. Last Hussar –
    Oh noes.. I hurt someone’s whittle feelings. 
    You take yourself so seriously. I’ve never seen someone stand up for Trampolines the way you have.  Good job.
    “Meet me in London”, “Sneer at a para-olympian”.  Go take a nap you over-excitable git.

    Tim Drake –
    That’s nice, dear.  Go join Hussar for a nap.  And while you’re taking one, dream up a reason why table tennis was so popular in China, yet could barely fill the stands.  Someone should tell them that it is extremely popular in other countries and they shouldn’t be acting so American toward it.

    Funny, I make an offhand remark in jest at the ‘events’ from the shallow end of the Olympic pool and ruffled international feathers.  You’re both so sensitive and pathetic. I thought sensitivity and political correctness was an American quality.  Guess we don’t have it cornered.
    – Matt

  9. Isn’t it funny that those who are quick to throw out the “ignorant” insult are those least qualified to?

    You don’t have to be a chef to know when food tastes like shit.

  10. I don’t quite understand what you’re saying, Matt … you think that just “brutal strength” kinds of sports should be part of the Olympics?

    I always understood them as some kind of “everybody joins for competitive sports of all kinds” thing. In my opinion, any internationally practiced sport that allows ranking should apply.

    In particular, I don’t quite see what you’re getting at with your comments about softball (what’s that? I’m Swiss, sorry) and table tennis (very demanding and technically way more challenging than, say, 100m sprint).

    I haven’t quite watched any part of the olympics bar some of the opening and closing ceremonies, and I cheered at Michael Phelps when he dominated the swimming (although there as well I haven’t watched a thing). But I respect the olympics for what they are, bonding between nations. I also happen to respect the para-olympics for what they are, bonding between nations and people.

    Maybe you should as well.

    Anyway, I guess my comments are lost on you, as all you seem to be getting at is “look at me, I’m a troll, I can annoy people on the internet”…

  11. I should have kept a rant found in the local paper.

    The suggestion: Don’t give athletes more than one medal per sport. That one guy won a ton of medals because (get this) he’s a fast swimmer. They should change the rules so that he only gets one medal for swimming; if he wants another one, he should have to try for wrestling or, say, Japanese tea ceremony or flower arrangement.

    I like the idea.

  12. I’m not anti-Olympics per se, I’m just not much into sport. I like what the ideal of the Olympics is supposed to be: nations bonding through friendly competition, but it seems like it often doesn’t live up to that ideal. Too much cheating and emphasis on getting the most medals instead of the whole bonding thing.

    It probably doesn’t help that I find watching most sports pretty boring.

  13. What Les said.

    I might take more of an interest in the Olympics if snooker and billiard artistique were Olympic disciplines (or if they are, if somebody had bothered to tell me). Failing that, more sports with a high chance of serious injury to athletes and/or spectators.

  14. Watching someone with no arms swim faster than I ever could always amazes me- I couldn’t even stay afloat with out my arms!

    Failing that, more sports with a high chance of serious injury to athletes and/or spectators.

    I nominate Matt.

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