A Happy 18th Birthday to my daughter Courtney!

Courtney has reached one of the milestones we all look forward to. Today she turns 18 years old and is legally an adult with all the rights and responsibilities (except for drinking alcohol) that come with it. Much as I did when I turned 18, she’s finding it to be a bit anticlimactic.

So drop on by and wish her a happy 18th. Perhaps regale her with stories of your own arrival at said milestone.

6 thoughts on “A Happy 18th Birthday to my daughter Courtney!

  1. She also can’t buy a handgun, but must stick to rifles and shotguns until she is 21.

  2. Hey, Happy Birthday Courtney!  If you come over to Austria, you can’t buy a gun, but you can drink alcohol!  Not that that’s such a good idea…

  3. I got very drunk on my 18th, as I could now drink in the village, instead of the local town where no one knew my age.  Much of the evening is still a blank, 21 years later.

  4. Yes, Moloch, I’m aware of the legal age for consensual sex in Michigan. Leave it to you to sully someone passing a milestone.

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