The Big Move is almost here.

Posting may be light over the next few days as we’ll be busy moving into the new apartment. Tomorrow we’ll be picking up the keys early in the day and then doing some quick shopping for stuff we’re going to need after we move. After the shopping I’ll be headed up to my parents place to borrow their truck leaving my piddly Grand Prix behind in case they need to drive someplace over the weekend. Not looking forward to filling up the gas tank on that truck, but even with the mileage involved it’d still be cheaper than renting a U-Haul.

This weekend we’re concentrating on what little furniture we need to get into the new place starting with desks, chairs, and futon and finishing up with the beds most likely on Sunday. The goal is to be able to actually sleep in the new place Sunday evening. I will have to make a point of taking at least one computer and the small TV over on Saturday, though, because that’s when the AT&T folks will be showing up to install the U-Verse stuff we’ve signed up for as opposed to going with Comcast, a company I swore I’d do everything I could to avoid ever using again. Normally I wouldn’t schedule them to come out in the middle of the first day of heavy lifting we’re going to be doing, but the only other day they were available was the following Friday and I didn’t really want us to be offline for a whole week.

If we get enough stuff over to live with this weekend then we’ll save the rest of it for the following weekend when we hope to have some friends with vans available to help out, though I may end up being dropped off at work a couple of days so Anne and Courtney can use the car to go grab any boxes that are needed immediately. This weekend it looks like we’ll be flying mostly solo as there’s a number of birthdays being celebrated this weekend. The plan is simply not to kill ourselves getting this done as it’s not like we’re on a deadline to get all our crap out of the in-law’s house, but we’re hoping not to drag it out any more than a couple of weekends either. So wish us luck as we take the big step of getting back out on our own. It’s something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.

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  1. Les,

    Best of luck on the move & getting back into your own place does sounds exciting. As you said, best not to kill yourself this weekend. I would offer to assist, but Texas is a might far drive (even without the outrageous gas prices). surprised

    Take care,

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