One of the advantages of working afternoons….

…is the fact that you’re the only one in the Tech Lab most of the night. Which means you can finally break down and try out Rock Band on the Xbox 360 without embarrassing yourself in front of your coworkers. So far I’ve sucked marginally on the guitar. I’m about to see how badly I suck on the drums. I’m not about to find out how much I suck on the microphone.

I can see why the game, along with Guitar Hero, is popular. Not as difficult as the Dance Dance Revolution games and it does kinda, sorta, just a little, maybe, feel like you’re in a band. Kinda. But not enough to make me want to buy the game.

It’s a slow Friday night and I’ve made it all the way through my RSS feeds. So sue me.

2 thoughts on “One of the advantages of working afternoons….

  1. A freind who works for BT is on an emergency response team- sort of like 999 (911 to you) for comms breakdowns.  If a big company (who has the cover agreement) has their communications go down, it has to be fixed with in ‘x’ hours or there is massive compensation.  When he does the night shift there is literally nothing to do while they wait for a call.  So he paints and bases his wargame figures.  We take the mickey out of him for it, but he gets to do what he wants, while being paid stupid amounts of overtime.  Me, I have to fit my painting around the family. Bastard.

  2. What a difference makes the type of job.

    When I worked as a nursing assistant in a residential care facility, I had to feed supper, then get them ready for bed.  Not to mention ‘sundowning’ for the Alzheimer folks.
    It was an awkward schedule to fill, and I lasted only 4 months.
    When I was called into the office, the supervisor said that I didn’t seem to have my heart in my job.

    One thing she got right.

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