Number of creatures in “Spore” database exceeds number of known real species.

I’m just guessing here, but I think that Will Wright and Maxis just maybe, possibly, probably, might have a wee hit on their hands when Spore is released this September:

AFP: ‘Spore’ computer game’s alien population exploding

“I was really hoping we’d get 100,000 creatures by September and a million by the end of the year,” Wright said Monday while demonstrating “Spore” on the eve of the Electronic Entertainment Expo video game trade show in Los Angeles.

“We hit 100K in 22 hours and a million by the end of the first week. The numbers are just blowing us away.”

A week ago, the number of creatures in the “Spore” database exceeded the number of known species on Earth.

“It took them 18 days to reach the number of creatures on Earth and, by some accounts, it took God six days,” Wright joked during a presentation onstage at the vintage Orpheum Theater.

I have to admit that I’m impressed with the variety of things people have managed to make using the Creature Creator so far. So is Will Wright who presented his favorites at this just past E3. Everything from a recreation of the Companion Cube from Portal to chairs, airplanes ships, and passable humanoids. The last being particularly impressive given they intentionally designed the Creator Creator to discourage human looking critters.

Me, I’ve yet to design something I’ve not wiped out with my godly hand because I wasn’t happy with it. Whereas my wife, being the amazingly creative person that she is, already has a growing library of critters ready for when the game is released. Considering that she’s only using the demo and not the full $10 version of the Creator makes the variety of her designs so far that much more impressive.

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    They live to be 100 years old?

    They start designing weapons for Batman?

    They have a semi-successful music career in the mid-nineties?

    I don’t know, you tell me what happens.

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