Getting a $169.99 office chair for $8.47? Priceless. [Updated!]

Update: In the end Office Depot reneged on the deal, but didn’t bother to tell any actual customers. Seems about three hours after the deal went live they realized they had screwed up and sent out a memo from corporate to all the stores saying not to honor the deal, but they didn’t bother to send any emails to those of us who had purchased a chair. So almost 24 hours later when I wandered into the store I was somewhat annoyed to be told that the deal wouldn’t be honored. I understood why and I didn’t complain about that, but it would’ve been nice to have gotten some sort of a notification so I wouldn’t have wasted time and gas driving to the store for nothing. I had them verify that my debit card wasn’t charged (it was still showing a hold on the amount) and got a receipt showing that I shouldn’t be and I mentioned that they should really notify customers when they cancel a deal like that seeing as how they force us to include an email address and I went on my way.

Remember how I talked about friends of mine in an earlier thread that are into min-maxing the rules of life? Well, I’m not entirely above it myself which is why I have an subscription to the Deal RSS feed. Just over two hours ago they listed a deal on a RS To•Go™ Tufted-Vinyl High-Back Chair at Office Depot that sent me scrambling for my wallet. According to the Office Depot site the chair normally lists for $169.99 and they were applying an instant discount that reduced it to $99.99. A good start to be sure, but if then you add in two coupon codes provided in the Deal entry you’d knock another $90 off the price of the chair plus an additional 20%.

Final cost on my debit card after opting for in-store pickup thus eliminating shipping costs: $8.47.

Not too shabby at all. Even if the chair ends up being total crap it’s still a helluva deal. If I could have used the coupon code twice I’d have ordered two. In fact I called and spoke with the store manager as we really could use two of these chairs—one for Anne and one for Courtney—once we move into the new apartment and I asked him if he’d be willing to in essence price-match my receipt on a second chair. He said he could put the code for the $90 off into the computer in the store, but not the 20% one so if I didn’t mind paying another buck and some change for the second chair he’d be willing to set two aside for me to pick up on the way home tomorrow (the store is a mile or so from where I work). I said that was perfectly fine with me.

As it turns out I got in on the tail end of the action as when my sister-in-law attempted to replicate the deal not 20 minutes later she was notified that “THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED.” The store manager I spoke with said he’d already gotten four other phone calls within the previous 10 minutes so it’s clear that the word got out really quickly. Now it’ll be interesting to see if Office Depot honors the deal. I’ve already gotten an email confirmation of the one purchase I was able to make so I’d expect they’d at least honor that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they tell me they can’t replicate the deal on a second chair even though the coupon is supposed to be good until Saturday. Though so long as I get at least one chair I’d be more than tickled pink.

2 thoughts on “Getting a $169.99 office chair for $8.47? Priceless. [Updated!]

  1. I just played around with it, and the site would not let me stack the coupon codes.

  2. It’s working today, but they’ve modified the $90 off coupon down to a $20 off coupon. After discounts now it comes out to around $68. That’s still $100 off the original price, but obviously not as good a deal as $9.

    I’ve not gotten an email saying they won’t honor the purchase I made yesterday so far, but I’m guessing I won’t be able to get a second chair at the same price, which is fine. It’s obvious it was a mistake on someone’s part at Office Depot and I just hope the poor guy/gal doesn’t end up fired over it.

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