Fourth of July blahs.

So my three day weekend became a four day weekend when heavy storms passed through the area on Wednesday night and knocked out power to a good portion of Ann Arbor. I had almost made it to the freeway Thursday morning when the call came in not to bother showing up because there wasn’t any power. The office doesn’t have any UPS systems so this means things will be a real mess come Monday morning as I’m told that recovery from a power outage usually means a number of fried motherboards.

Even though my unscheduled day off means I’ll probably be short a day’s pay it’s probably for the best as I had a migraine going Thursday that lasted well into Friday. Which is part of why I’ve not posted anything for the past two days. Spent most of my time laying around in my pajamas trying various anti-migraine medicines and trying not to think about how my eyes felt like they wanted to pop straight out of my head.

So no fireworks for me this year. How about you folks? Do anything interesting for the Fourth?

6 thoughts on “Fourth of July blahs.

  1. Cheer up, Les; Jesse Helms took his sorry ass and shuffled off this mortal coil yesterday.  cool smile

    We did do something interesting; we were driving on the highway between Champaign and Normal during the fireworks hour, and at some places we could see up to 7 displays at once.  It was pretty cool.

    The office should consider having a whole-building surge-suppressor installed (power company can do it), and make sure the bios is set to “stay off” in event of a power failure.  Because when the power comes back on, it often stutters a lot. Good luck on Monday.

  2. The office doesn’t have any UPS systems

    recovery from a power outage usually means a number of fried motherboards.

    As my grandma used to say, “there’s none so daft as them that won’t learn”.

  3. We have far too many power outages at work, at least it is just an office tower without any enterprise servers in it. I have UPS’s at home, but not at work.  When the power or network goes down at work, I just go (or stay) home and VPN into the datacenter.

  4. I went camping at San Clemente State Beach for 4 days with in-laws and out-laws. The kids LOVED the camping – I survived. The campground was full and I looked around and thought, “What are all these people doing – leaving their $800,000 homes to come out in the wilderness and rough it – talk about crazy!”  snake  snake

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