Florida Republican politicizes 9/11 on anti-Democrat billboard.

Florida resident and musician Mike Meehan is a complete douche bag and here’s why:

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The man behind the billboard is Mike Meehan, a St. Cloud businessman and musician. His website advertises a CD and music video titled “The Republican Song,” with the chorus, “Don’t vote for a Democrat.” He’s selling CDs for $5.

“This is a blatant exploitation of that terrible tragedy for political and, perhaps even worse, personal gain,” said Bill Robinson, Orange County Democratic Party Chair.

Orange County Democrats are calling for the billboard to come down and the local Republican Party has said the ad is “inappropriate.” Meehan hadn’t returned Channel 9 calls or e-mails Monday afternoon, but some are defending his right to free speech.

“They can have their opinion. It’s a free country, if they want to pay for the ad. I’m sure it’s expensive,” resident Louis Champeau told Eyewitness News.

The company that owns the billboard, Beech Outdoor Advertising, views it as a fundamental first amendment issue and for that reason wouldn’t censor the ad. The billboard will be up until after the November election.

I agree that he has every right to put the billboard up and I have every right to call the man a douche bag for doing so. I suppose if there’s one positive thing about this situation is that it gives everyone a chance to exercise their right to free speech.

12 thoughts on “Florida Republican politicizes 9/11 on anti-Democrat billboard.

  1. He can do what he likes and you can dislike what he does. Some may say that the fact you bring this up on your blog that has adds on it makes you as guilty as he. I personaly dont think thats the case but it is an issue that bugs me that people get so irate about stuff like this. TV shows and the like that feature wars and terrorism and so on have add breaks so does the news. All ar “for profit” so take your head out the clouds and get over it, Its a nasty world that sometimes does not taste sweet all the time.

  2. Pretty poor on his part, what’s even more poor is that many saps will buy into this argument.

    My neighbor who is a real conservative republican constantly stresses the point that we have been safe since our attacks in mid east. My response has always been that the group’s involved are very patient and let many years go between attacks. Not to mention the fact that our security was pretty adequate at 9-11.

    I hate to say but if we are attacked when Obama is president the repubs will have a field day…

  3. Not sure what your point is, Mungo. The fact that this ass is making money off of this is not what I have a beef with. It’s the fact that he’s politicizing a national tragedy to discredit one political party suggesting that the Democrats are to blame for the events of 9/11.

  4. Kudos to Beech Outdoor Advertising for not censoring free speech.  So they won’t have a problem with an FFRF “Imagine No Religion” billboard?

  5. Picture of a repossessed house, fuel prices through the roof, 10s of thousands of dead civilians, torture, empty coffers.

    “Don’t vote Republican”

  6. Over the course of the last 7 years, Bush, Cheney, McCain, Republican politicians and all of the Republican Party have proven what I’ve been saying since Ronald Reagan screwed over the middle and lower classes of this nation.  They are a party of ideology over reality and the only thing they have ever really been effective at doing is creating legislation that always favors the rich, wealthy and elite over the middle and lower classes of this country.  They are not a political party that is of, for or by the people and Bush’s economy is an example of 21st Republicanism in its truest form.  After Bush & Cheney allowed the 9/11 disaster to occur, they then created an atmosphere of false and jingoistic patriotism in this nation that rallied very backwards thinking, fake-Christian, Taliban-like, red-necked idiot in this country to blindly support all of their greedy self-serving causes which have resulted in the current economic messes.  Thanks for all the corrupt memories GOP.  If you are supposed to be the God fearing , conservative, family & faith based good guys that you claim to be…then I don’t even want to see the bad guys.  Now that you’ve raided the nation’s treasury, bankrupted the country with illegal unconstitutional wars and dismantled the freedoms that made this nation great, my children have a much bleaker looking outlook on future issues like college and upward mobility.  You can bet that they will never make the mistake of voting Republican as your wide spread hypocrisy is permanently etched into their hearts, minds and souls.  21st Century Republicanism has been destroying this nation in ways that far outweigh the Democrat fear that these stupid idiots so often claim.  If Republicans could have their way…they would turn the pages of American progress back to the days of the Salem Witchcraft Trials.

  7. …and once again I go to make a great point, only to be stopped dead by the realization that DOF already made it.  Damn you, time zones!

    This is one of the problems with “free speech” in a land where nothing is free.  If some poorer citizen decided to put up a nice big anti-republican sign in their own privately owned yard, nobody would be defending his rights, and there are most likely already laws against it, based solely on the inconvenience of his neighbors.  So much for free speech.
    But you say you’ve got a few thousand dollars and want to call democrats terrorists?  Step right this way, sir!

  8. Absolutely right.  Back in the ‘80’s a guy in our town put a sign in his yard that said; “US Out Of El Salvador!”.  It was a small sign, on a busy street, and was instantly stolen.  He put up a sturdier sign.  Vandalized.  Another, even sturdier sign; his neighbors sued.  He would up winning the lawsuit, but to keep his sign in one piece it has dual concrete anchors, 4×4 posts and polycarbonate panels over the text.  Today the sign says; “Hate is not a family value” or something like that.

    Now we talk about “Free Speech Zones” (which I thought was supposed to include the whole of America) but the guy couldn’t have his say in his own damn yard without having to defend himself.

  9. I hate to rant(okay, bullshit- I love a good rant!)but free speech has been eating shit for years including under Democrats, and the current administration has made a perverse art out of suppression, with incredible support from the media and, sadly, the public. 
    Protest a republican convention, and all the notice you’ll get is from the police(blatantly illegal and unconstitutional) and a few derisive jokes from a Fox News talking head.  No real coverage except that which is negative and mocking.  The national media is nothing but a bastard lapdog for the republican party, and conservatives still call it the “liberal media” in a dishonest attempt to vilify and supress what little dissent there is. 
    Locally, even here in California, things aren’t much better.  In Santa Barbara, police illegally shut down anti-war protesters a few years back, while leaving others alone.  Even with a lawsuit being considered, the protesters got about 5 seconds of media coverage and a 1 paragraph blurb in the local paper.  San Luis Obispo had over a year of daily anti-war protests, and they barely made the news except for the local weekly “liberal” paper.
    Then there are the christians and conservatives.  A handful of them protested for about a year when Steve Diamond wanted to open a new adult store in Atascadero.  There were never more than a dozen or so of them, compared to hundreds of anti-war protesters.  Those assholes were in the local republican loving paper almost every week, and got plenty of television coverage.  All over religious oppostion to a dildo shop.
    Free speech?  Equality?  Balanced media coverage?  My aching ass!

  10. Mike Meehan
    4711 Briar Patch Ln
    Saint Cloud, FL 34771-9033
    (407) 891-9222

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