Criticism via an edited Wikipedia article.

Awhile back someone, I think it was Ingolfson, started up an official SEB article on Wikipedia which I thought was pretty cool. There’s not a whole lot there, but it gives a nice brief overview of what the blog is about. I don’t normally pay it much attention, but every now and then the referrer log will show that someone came to SEB from our Wikipedia entry and I’ll drop by to see if anything has changed.

Today I noticed that something has changed. One of the sections lists off the taglines I’ve used for the blog. Up until this past July 2nd there were only two entries in that section. Today I found that some anonymous person had added the following third tagline:

I’m an asshat and don’t know what I’m talking about. – (under headline of title page)

I found that extremely amusing and I’m giving it serious consideration as a possible tagline. I actually LOLed. To think someone cared enough to go through the trouble to edit Wikipedia just to criticize me. I’m very touched.

6 thoughts on “Criticism via an edited Wikipedia article.

  1. I think that’d be a *great* tagline.  But don’t forget to give attribution or you may get sued LOL

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