CostCo delivers Krismas in July for a family whose presents were stolen.

I have to admit that news stories like the following make me happy I’m a CostCo member:

Summertime Santa: Family’s stolen gifts returned –

It sounds like an urban myth. But it’s true.

The phone rang for Sue Schriener in Vancouver, Wash. Costco was on the line.

The conversation went something like this:

“Remember those Christmas gifts you sent to Jen and Corey Sanderford of Tacoma last December? We’ve found them. And we’d like to return them.”

The king-size mattress-topper box full of presents, snatched by thieves from the Sanderfords’ North End home, somehow wound up as returned merchandise at the Gig Harbor Costco.

Once employees discovered that the box contained a family’s Christmas gifts instead of a mattress topper, workers went on the hunt to locate the recipients.

“It was kind of interesting,” Dan Lokken, receiving manager at the Gig Harbor Costco, said Thursday. “It took a little legwork.”

In all it took six months from the theft to the discovery to the return of the presents, but track them down they did and the kids got a little bit of Krismas in July.  They could’ve just tossed the gifts out and been done with it. Instead they shipped them at their own expense to make sure the family got their gifts even if they were a few months late in arriving.

3 thoughts on “CostCo delivers Krismas in July for a family whose presents were stolen.

  1. Lately I’ve been going to a competitor, but a story like this could make me return to CostCo, even if it is a few blocks out of the way. You do realize that Krismas and the Tooth Fairy are ONLY important when they can bring smiles to a child’s face?

  2. I have seen heir policy towards elderly/ disabled customers exercised on seceral ocasions and was greatly impressed.  I wish other maror chains were one tenth as good.  Also, do you know een non members can use their discounted pharmacy?

  3. I was sold on CostCo when I found out that they were competitive with Sams Club, but actually treated their employees half-way decently.

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