Yeah, I’m guilty of a few of these myself.

I nearly busted a gut reading Skippy’s List of 42 Things That I Am No Longer Allowed To Do in I.T.. A small sample:

9. If something makes me giggle for longer than 15 seconds, I am to assume that doing it will get me an invite to the HR Director’s office.
10. Not allowed to continue to explain to users what an ID10T error is.
11. Or PEBKAC, for that matter.
12. “Mental Health Day” is not a valid reason when requesting time off.
13. Not allowed to say “Domino’s Pizza” when answering the phone.
14. My cubicle is not holy ground.

There’s a few in there I’ve not tried, yet, but most of them are classics that every IT guy has done at some point in time.

Found via Boudler Dude.

4 thoughts on “Yeah, I’m guilty of a few of these myself.

  1. Funny, but still not as good as the things Skippy is no longer allowed to do in the US Army list.

  2. I’ve successfully used the Mental Health day excuse before, but at the time my supervisor was the HR person (who really wanted me to take more time off).

  3. I’ve also been in jobs where Mental Heath Day was a valid reason to take a day off.  Usually it was more of a well deserved compensationary time off, but it was written off as a sick day. 

    In those days I got essentially unlimited sick days.  After three sick days it went to short term disability, and at some point it went to long term disability. 

    At my new job, I accrue n number of hours of sick time for every so many hundreds of hours I work—which totally sucks.  The only good thing is that “working from home” just means that I have to answer e-mails, and I can do that from my Crackberry.

  4. Skippys list of things he isnt allowed to do in the military is also good.  Also out there is a list for someone not allowed to do in RPG

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